Katherine Louise, Ronald Scott, Kristin Elizabeth, Jason Richard

May 22:  Katherine Louise

How this character arrived in my life:  Sitting on the floor next to a room full of copy machines.  Katie and I had the same major at Ohio University (psychology) which led us to the same work study jobs (working in the copy/print room in the psychology department).  We bonded over 2 hour work shifts that felt like eternity and chit chat about the guy who was one of her roommates and whether or not they were formally dating (she now shares his last name).

My favorite memory with this person:  Tae kwon do class.  ::hi yah::  We obviously both needed 1 more credit hour our senior year, so why wouldn’t we spend our tuition dollars towards a tae kwon do class where we would laugh at each other out of our peripheral vision and practice for our final exam that involved breaking a board with our foot or wrist.  Yeah, that’s right.

One word to describe this person:  Intelligent

What I admire about this person:  She actually works in the field we majored in!  She’s a psychologist at one of the larger school districts in Columbus and I’m pretty sure she’s darn good at it too!  When I was trying to beg my way into psychology graduate programs, Katie was already a couple semesters in getting A’s on everything.  I totally admire her career!

Fun facts that makes me love this person so much:  I LOVE how Katie is a planner.  I literally feel more organized and planned just hearing about her plans in life.  Katie is always the first one to do an assignment for a class.  She never procrastinates.  She is always forward-thinking.  She married someone that is a true 50/50 partner with her in all aspects of their life.  Her and her husband keep their house so clean and organized.  She was valedictorian (I just had to google how to spell that) and I think I knew this about her without ever really having to ask.  She has a twin brother who is always living someplace cool like LA or NYC creating independent films and other cool things alike.  She has the cutest little daughter.  She’s unwavering in her decisions, she knows what her plans and goals are and just does them.  She values a good vacation.  I could talk to her for hours and love the times that I get to!  She relates to people well – whenever I’ve told her a story I felt like she could totally relate to what I was saying.  She never pretends she’s anything she’s not.  She’s very loyal.  Her and her husband are always up for a double date.  She’s the type of daughter every parent wishes they had.  She’s not judgmental.  Basically Katie is an awesome authentic person and if I listed everything that I loved about her here….the blog might explode.

Katie with her husband, Elliott.  Oh they’re some of my favorite people and this picture makes me happy!


May 23:  Ronald Scott

How this character arrived in my life:  Called “dad” by my husband, called “father-in-law” by me.  Ronald “Scott” showed up in my life in jeans, boots, and a flannel shirt. 

My favorite memory with this person:  After my MBA graduation ceremony we all walked out to the parking lot and Scott shook my hand and said “congratulations, from one business man to another” (he is the President of the family tool and die business for 40+ years).  There were about 20 things I loved about that sentence.

One word to describe this person:  Hard-working

What I admire about this person:  Scott is extremely reliable.  You can always trust he’s going to do what he says he’s going to do and he’s probably not going to procrastinate doing it.  Lazy is never a word I’d even put in the same sentence as Scott.  I feel like I could call on Scott anytime for anything and he’d be there…with a bucket of tools.

Fun facts that makes me love this person so much:  Scott loves all things hunting, guns, woods, camo, etc and he lights up when he talks about it.  He’s the type that comes over with a bucket of tools ready to help with any home renovation whenever needed.  He’s handy and I just am convinced he can fix anything that’s broken or re-engineer it to be even better.  He owns a lot of land around his house and always keeps it perfectly manicured.  I see traits in Chris that are exactly like Scott and I’m thankful for that.  He would always be there….wherever….for whatever  you needed.  He drives a big truck and has hauled more than a few items for me to or from Dayton.  He loves his wife.  He’s a great dad.  When my mom and Grandma met Scott they said it best when they described him with “Scott just seems like the perfect husband and dad.  An all around stand up guy.”  He will stop and play with his granddaughters whenever they want and he seems to have special connection with all (four) of them.  He’s funny.  He loves his dogs and goes out to feed them or take care of them even when it’s late at night or freezing or inconvenient.  I could probably convince him to drive to Columbus to kill a spider for me if Chris were ever out of town.  He sneaks into the kitchen when no one is in there and eats all the fudge his wife makes every year around Christmas time and then denies that he ate it all.  He builds good bonfires.  He has raised Chris to be the type of husband I am blessed to be married to.

Every year Chris goes to West Virginia with his dad, brother, and some of the other men in the family for a week of hunting.  This picture is from last year right before they hit the road.  I normally only see Scott for a few minutes that day, but he’s always in a great mood and you can tell he’s with the people he loves doing the things he loves.


May 24:  Kristin Elizabeth

How this character arrived in my life:  In elementary school with stick straight bangs.  Kristin started in my elementary school, switched to the other elementary school, and we met back up in the middle school all the way through high school graduation.  She was the core of our social circle.

My favorite memory with this person:  When I think of memories with Kristin…I think of her basement.  My favorite memories with her center around her house because she always pulled all of us together.  It’s because of her that I really got to know everyone in high school even better.  If it wasn’t for her having us over all the time…who knows how close we’d all be?!

One word to describe this person:  Bright

What I admire about this person:  Her circle of friends is HUGE.  I don’t know how she does it…but she makes friends literally everywhere she goes.  If she ever sat down and tried to list all her friends, I think the list would be the longest anyone has ever seen.  Kristin has a fun spirit about her and she’s always up for a social gathering which makes the number of people who adore her just expand larger and larger.  She’s extremely likeable!  She has a special talent for listening to you or making you feel special even in a crazy crowded room or party.

Fun facts that makes me love this person so much:  Kristin’s house was “the house” we all hung out in growing up.  I think nearly everyone in the class of 2000 from Tipp City spent the majority of pre-football games and post-football games and pre-dances and post-dances and Fridays, and Saturdays, and Sunday mornings, and summer nights and fall evenings and everything in between at her house.  Their doors were always open, their basement was finished, and they had an in-ground pool and a hot tub.  Kristin is super duper smart.  Like A+ on everything smart.  She’s a nurse practitioner I believe (or whatever the highest/smartest nursing position is) which is a natural fit for her and I’m guessing she’s probably smarter than all the doctors too!  She has an adorable son.  She’s silly.  She was a cheerleader.  She was our class president which I think means she is responsible for every class reunion from now until eternity.  She had a walk in closet growing up that the majority of our friends took a marker and wrote her a message or signed the walls inside which was obviously super cool.  She’s mature.  She’s the role model type.  She’s supportive.  She’s fun!

Adorable son…see…am I right?!


May 25:  Jason Richard

How this character arrived in my life:  Called “son” by my Uncle Rick, called “cousin” by me.  Jason landed on this earth 1 month and a few weeks before I did making us classmates and locker neighbors the majority of our 5th grade through senior year education. 

My favorite memory with this person:  Every holiday.  Our family is small and it’s just always seemed complete when we were all there to play board games and swap gifts together.  Jason was a part of every Easter, Christmas, Halloween, etc growing up.

One word to describe this person:  Creative

What I admire about this person:  I admire that Jason pursued his passion.  He loves film and found a way to incorporate that into his college education/experience and into his career of teaching.  I love that he finds ways to do what he loves.

Fun facts that makes me love this person so much:  I’m guessing Jason has seen every movie ever made.  He’s independent.  He’s creative.  He’s funny.  He’s a teacher and I get the vibe that his students love him and that he has a genuine care for them.  He lives in South Carolina.  He’s sensitive yet tough.  He’s probably going to be a famous movie director someday, I’m convinced.  He’s loyal.  He’s very smart!  He’s the tallest one in our family.  He’s had to deal with everyone pronouncing our last name incorrectly as long as I have.  According to the Nike app, he’s taken to running lately.  He also went to Ohio University (go Bobcats).  He appreciates the arts.  He’s logical.  He looks just like his dad.

Jason’s totally the type to have cool pictures on top of cool mountains!