Leave your fanny pack at home! Days 7-9

June 7th: Today I watched the video, Rick Steves’ South England: Dover to Land’s End and listened to the podcast, Rick Steves’ Britain (Beyond London), Ancient Britain II. I’m also reading our guidebook, Rick Steves London every chance I get. Joe had a performance this morning so I went to Northstar Cafe and Trader Joe’s on my own before teaching my flute lessons. This was the perfect opportunity to read a couple sections in our guidebook.


June 8th: This morning I watched the video, Rick Steves’ North England’s Lake District and Durham and listened to the podcast, Rick Steves’ Britain (Beyond London), Bill Bryson At Home, Part I and II. If you’ve never read or listened to Bill Bryson’s audiobooks I would highly recommend them! I’ve listened to the majority of his audiobooks, including At Home so it was great to hear this interview. I put all of our travel information into our google calendars so we have access to an electronic copy of our itinerary and started planning options for our free time away from the tour group. In his guidebook, Rick Steves includes important information on each destination, such as days to avoid certain sites, lists sites that are perfect for early risers or night owls, hours of operation, cost, location, etc. I’m taking all of these factors into account to maximize our time and experience in London.

June 9th: This morning I watched the video, Rick Steves’ England & Wales Travel Skills (I’ve attached the handout from this lecture below for your reference) and listened to the podcast, Rick Steves’ Britain (Beyond London), British B and Bs. If you’re planning a trip to England, this is the podcast to listen to. If you go to a restaurant, don’t ask for a napkin or the waiter will think you are asking for a tampon. Oh and p.s. the word “fanny” means vagina so leave your fanny packs at home friends! 😉 I’ll be heading over to Chase Bank today to order our pounds. I prefer to have currency before travel in order to avoid the exchange booths once we arrive. The exchange rate is a little higher but it saves a lot of time and stress during our travels. I’ll also give the bank and credit card companies our travel dates so they can follow our activity. Do this in advance to avoid fraud alerts on your account.

Here’s a little update on my May goal of gardening. I’ve added new mulch in a couple other places around the backyard and finally see growth in the garden! We will have veggies in no time! 🙂 🙂 🙂