Lights, Camera, Action

Jan 19, 4:45am…my alarm went off, it was Martin Luther King, Jr Day and I had the day off work.  The part of me that wanted to hit the gym was the size of a pea.  The only reason I went was to not disappoint myself and to later not annoy myself with complaining about how I was disappointed in myself.  The ole ‘cycle of annoyance.’  Given that Saturday and Sunday I had woken up and fallen back to sleep in order to kick the half sick/blah feeling…I knew I had no choice if I didn’t want to sulk all day saying how I didn’t do what I said I was going to, blah blah.  I wasn’t in quite the rush because I knew I didn’t have to go to work, but I did doodle a schedule for the day on a tiny piece of paper the night before because I did have some work to catch up on.  I read several MLK Jr quotes on Facebook, Instagram, etc and then I got up and hit the gym by 5:50am-ish.  It was the first day I just really didn’t want to be there.  I technically had the whole day ahead of me with no real rush necessarily which are typically the best workout days…but I was not feeling it.  At some point during my cardio I was thinking about how when I follow people on social media I really like seeing real photos or videos of them, which sparked my best idea yet…or something.  After surveying around the gym to see all 4 people who were there, I decided….why not make some videos?  I spent the next 30 minutes or so strategically placing my phone around machines to record myself, I downloaded ClipStitch, I paid the 99 cents to put Beyonce’s “Flawless” overtop (a nod to my first blog post), and then another 99 cents to allow me to save to my camera.  I spent 5-10 minutes laughing at myself.  End result, click here to see –>  WorkoutVideo  I’m guessing it will go viral.

Jan 20, 4:45am…my alarm went off, back to work.  20 days in – can I really bail on it now?  I did the new norm…laid there for a little while, positive self-talk, and put the workout clothes on at the foot of the bed.  I put my pants on backwards.  Why it has taken me 20 days of waking up at 4:45am, 1 backwards shirt, 1 pseudo-lost headband, and 1 backwards pair of pants to realize that I could walk 5 steps and actually turn a light on in our walk in closet while I get dressed is beyond me.  I have a masters degree.  I did cardio this morning and saved the lifting shoulders for the evening with my trainer (who I will now stop calling “my trainer” in posts and just refer to as her real name, Natalie).  I stopped for coffee, came home to watch the news which makes me roll my eyes every time – this time they said the new stop lights in Hilliard were worth every penny….and then proceeded to hold up a penny and zoom in on it.  Once I got to work I sent Chris a text announcing that I would be giving up caffeinated coffee starting tomorrow (cause you know, if you tell someone then it’s for real).  I’m not starting a “no caffeinated coffee” movement or anything like that, but the short version is I struggle with reflux (we’ll just leave it at that) and I’ve known for years that caffeinated coffee is in the list of top things someone with acid reflux should kick….says every “How to avoid acid reflux” article on Facebook I click on in secret hopes that they’ll tell me to start eating more donuts and drinking more coffee.  I don’t rely on it to wake me up so it is what it is.  I’ve just had it with feeling a little sick-ish after I drink it.  I don’t know why at day 20 of waking up at 4:45am I am leaving behind the one stereotypical wake-up drug most hit up, but why not make this even harder on myself?  I’m going decaf tomorrow and not looking back.  So work happened, lifting with Natalie happened, and then I arrived home to a sweet little package on the doorstep (not a stork with a baby, though I do hope if we have one someday that is how it (she) will arrive).  I posted previously that I had ordered some meals online (same blog post where I ordered the As Seen on TV pillow – which, while I don’t seem all that impressed when I look at it and squish it, my neck pain has been gone since I got it).  Anyway, the meals arrived today.  Chris and I have never tried these meals, but they look like a healthy option geared more towards the athlete/competitor-type (I’ve competed in figure competitions before, Chris in bodybuilding), per their website and other fitness competitors I’ve seen eat them.  Chris’ bar is high when it comes to food, so if they nutritionally pass his test….then they’re likely exceeding mine.  If you’re cringing and thinking that homemade meals are better….I know, I know.  I’m eating all organic in April, just give me this one.  If it saves me time and makes my life easier, I’m always a fan!  Here’s a few pics of those interested (yes, they say “FU” on the top which is supposed to stand for “Fuel Up” but yeah…I can’t get passed it either).