Love, Confidence & Beauty

Thursday, March 19th: After making a soup from the blog Oh She Glows, I did the DVD 15 Minute Results Yoga, Upper Body Workout. I’ve been practicing my flute so much this week that I’m noticing a little tension in my right shoulder so this workout was exactly what I needed. I had my monthly budget meeting at MTMS followed by my usual staff meetings then stayed at the studio until close talking with clients. I absolutely love today’s YogaQuote!


Friday, March 20th: I’m realizing that in order to pack everything I want to accomplish into one day, I’m definitely going to have to start waking up earlier. That’s exactly what I did this morning in order to fit in the DVD workout 15 Minute Yoga, Lower Body. I also needed to get in some flute practice before heading into ODU to teach my private lessons. I’ve been experiencing some lower back pain and would rather not go to a chiropractor unless absolutely necessary. These stretches focusing on the lower back have been really helpful. The meditation at the end of the workout lying flat on the back really helps relieve pressure, especially when drawing the naval to the floor. After teaching at ODU, running errands, heading over to MTMS and then jetting home to clean up before our cookout with Mark, Christina, Aaron and Natalie, I finally collapsed on the couch and was feeling absolutely exhausted trying to mentally prepare myself to do it all over again on Saturday. At this point in the day I often find myself asking, “what’s the point, does working so hard really make much of a difference, am I really making any progress in my practice or should I just give up, yada yada yada.” It was at this exact same moment that I received an awesome inspirational video from Brooke, and it was exactly what I needed in that moment. (Thanks, Brooke!) I hope you enjoy the video and today’s YogaQuote. (


Saturday, March 21st: After yesterday’s revelation, I woke up extra early, said a little prayer that everything would run smoothly today at MTMS (because I didn’t have time to put on a superhero cape and save the day) then I did the workout DVD 15 Minute Results, Abdominal Strengthening Workout. After showering and getting ready, I headed over to Hilliard for sweet little Violet’s first birthday! She is absolutely precious and brings so much joy and laughter! I then headed across town to Westerville for the MTMS Advanced Flute Choir’s performance at Spring Hollow Lodge. It was a perfect day to celebrate spring and offer fun much to a very large and appreciative audience! Thanks, Kate Dickey for the pictures! 😉 I headed straight home to do a couple of hours of practice myself and then prepared for a full day on Sunday. As I move into another week of this March goal, I keep reminding myself to inhale love, exhale hate, inhale confidence, exhale doubt, inhale beautiful, and exhale ugly. I hope you enjoy today’s Yoga Quote. Namaste.