Marking Things off the Eternal To-Do List

My goal this month is to do one thing a day that I’ve been procrastinating.

Background:  I’m not a procrastinator, really.  I am organized and do things right away and keep to do lists and have a super clean house…for real (oh yeah, I’m perfect too).  No, really, I really do pride myself on being on top of stuff – which is why blogging this month is a little uncomfortable because I’ll be posting about stupid $h*t that I put off forever and ever.  My plan is to get 30 things done this month that bug me nearly everyday but I spend more time being annoyed than actually doing it.  My hope is that you’ll read about what I’m doing and you’ll be inspired to mark a few things off your list too!

Let the productivity commence…

April 1:  Put new tags on my car.

So dumb.  It takes anywhere from 5-7 seconds.  When I get the registration renewal in the mail, I hop online and order my new tags asap.  I then drive around for a month with the envelope and new sticker riding shot gun and am too lazy or busy or just whatever to open the envelope and put the sticker on.

The sticker is officially on now and I’m legal to be on the roads again.  I broke the sticker because the bottom half went onto my license plate cover.  How does one break a sticker?  Don’t know?  I didn’t say I’d be perfect, I just that I’d get things done.

April 2:  Clean inside of washer.

No one really talks about cleaning their washer, other than those random Pinterest posts that give you some science experiment type of ingredients that you’re supposed to put in there and run a cycle, or something.  I wasn’t planning on doing all that nonsense, I just needed to clean the rim of the inside of the washer.

I noticed it needed cleaned, basically 3 years ago <<cringes in embarrassment>>, okay, 6 years ago, but I did what any responsible adult would do – I just ignored it.  My clothes came out clean, so, we’re good.  But every week when I put laundry in there I think ‘sick, this needs cleaned’ <<shuts top and starts load and ignores it until next week>>.

I don’t even want to post these pictures because it’s gross and I don’t want to be the gross kid on the block.  But, here’s to hoping this sick stuff is inspiring someone somewhere…




washer 2

I still don’t really know how to clean down into that center thing.  But after using nearly a whole roll of paper towels and cleaning the rim and wanting to puke, I called it a success.  I’m assuming someone will private message me on how to clean that center part.  You guys, I may start a blog post on all the private messages I get after my posts…you’d be surprised at the life advice people give me on the down low.

While I was fooling around in the laundry room, I also used the lint roller over some clothes I’ve had in there for weeks that were clean but had tissue all over them because sometimes I like to wash my clothes with a tissue in the pocket just to keep life exciting.

April 3:  Clean out sock drawer

Every morning I am faced with a sock drawer that look like this….

Not pictured:  another drawer to catch overflow socks, tights, and underwear

socks before

The black blob in this pictures is 6-7 pairs of tights.  I can never actually find socks to wear that don’t have a hole in them or that are what I’m actually looking for – but I find something that will suffice, shut the drawer, and then start the routine over the next morning.  I really get in a bind when I do laundry and have to shove a handful of clean socks in there.  I feel like I have no socks to wear, but I can’t quite shut the drawer all the way.

I turned on my favorite music and dumped the drawer out.

socks during

15 minutes later…voila!  Good thing I wasted 15 months thinking about it.

socks after

I took care of the secondary/overflow drawer while I was at it.

Cheers to a productive weekend!