Meredith Ann, Dennis Richard, Kimberly Ann

Carrying on with writing a letter to someone every day in May….

May 10:  Meredith Ann

How this character arrived in my life:  With her husband, Eric, right when Chris and I first started dating.  Chris and Eric are best friends and somewhere early on in our dating relationship Chris took me over to meet Eric and his wife, Meredith.  The first time we met she asked me a lot of questions and genuinely seemed interested in my existence and excited that I was Chris’ girlfriend.  I felt like I could talk to her for hours the first time we met and continued to say “they’re my favorite” to Chris every time we’d see them from that point forward.

My favorite memory with this person:  The time she said she wanted to put a pillow over her husbands face at night during her first pregnancy just because he was there breathing.  I’m guessing it’s not one of her prouder moments, and not one that would typically be blog-worthy or share-worthy with the world (sorry Meredith), but we laughed so hard about it and it really speaks to her honesty and how she is always just real, never trying to be anything she’s not.  Special note:  her husband made it out alive and lived to tell about her second pregnancy too.

One word to describe this person:  Grounded

What I admire about this person:  I admire Meredith’s perspective in life.  The initial words that come to mind that others would probably use to describe her too would be ‘grounded’ or ‘down-to-earth’ – Meredith just has a humble demeanor that I admire.  She’s one of those people that you can be your real self with and she loves you for it.  She’s someone that makes you feel like a better version of yourself after you’ve talked.  I’m totally drawn to that trait in her!

Fun facts that makes me love this person so much:  Meredith dives right into conversation.  She asks direct questions, she listens well, and she could talk for hours with no angst to move on to the next activity.  I like to call her my “conversationalist soul mate” (that’s the first time I’ve shared that term but have thought that forever).  She genuinely wants the best for you.  She doesn’t take herself too serious.  She knows how to bake pies which I think is cool.  Her and her husband don’t make life overly complex – they keep things simple.  She’s extremely smart.  She’s really close with her family.  She has 2 beautiful kids.  She is honest.  She’s strong in her faith.  She likes to give her husband and Chris a hard time for funny things.  She reads a lot and still goes to the public library.  She loves coffee.  Her and her husband are never chained to technology/phones when you talk to them – they’re always present and in the moment.  She is an encourager of your goals.  She has a great laugh.  She asks about your family.  She sees potential in people and tells them what it is.  She’s a great mom!  She told me to start a blog!

A picture of us last month when Eric and Meredith came to visit us in Columbus.


May 11:  Dennis Richard

How this character arrived in my life:  Called “brother” by my Dad, called “uncle” by me.  Dennis has been in my life since the day I was born!  He was not only a part of every holiday, weekend, or gymnastics meet I was competing in, but served as my babysitter for a short stint too!  When I think of my childhood, nearly everything that comes to mind includes Dennis. 

My favorite memory with this person:   Dennis and I used to play a lot of board games or card games when I was younger.  My favorite memories are the days of playing “Kings on the corner” for hours.  Dennis never rushed me or was too busy to sit and play cards with me for hours.  Matter of fact, I’m pretty sure he’d do the same thing today if I asked him!  We made up our own rules half the time and he’d always (actually, he still does when our family plays games today) go along with whatever silly words or hand motions I’d make up to symbolize that I was ready for the game to start.

One word to describe this person:  Caring

What I admire about this person:  As my Dad often says, “Dennis doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.”  He really doesn’t!  He has got to be the most caring person I’ve ever met.  He loves his family so much and extends that love to the people we love.  He not only sends me cards or gifts in the mail for every holiday, but he remembers Chris’ birthday or he sends notes to my best friend when important events happen in her life too.  He has a love and compassion for people that is honest and unique.

Fun facts that makes me love this person so much:  He knows a lot about sports!  He laughs at my jokes yet isn’t afraid to give me a hard time.  He runs a family super bowl pool every year!  He has always read the newspaper every single day that I can remember – sometimes reading multiple papers per day.  He calls me just to talk and see how I’m doing.  He always asks me about/joins in my laughter when we discuss how I’ve been on the wait list for 7 years for a parking space in the garage connected to my building at work.   He spent many years volunteering through Community Services.  He tapes every square inch of a gift when he wraps it.  He’s brave.  He’s funny and generous with his laughs.  He remembers all the stories I’ve told him over the years.  He is extremely supportive and excited when anyone in the family has exciting news or plans.  He is the first to answer when we play “what do you want if I win in Vegas this time?” (a new golf cart).  He wants what is best for people.


May 12:  Kimberly Ann

How this character arrived in my life:  With the loudest laugh in the office.  Kim worked one desk over from my Mom back in the early 90’s.  She was chatty, she was smart, and she had a laugh you could hear from a mile away.  After she watched me go through braces, junior high, my first car, and college…I ended up being the one who was sitting a few cubicles over from hers in 2005.  Funny how life does that.  She started as my Mom’s friend and then somewhere along the way when I earned my “adult” badge I started calling her my friend.

My favorite memory with this person:  When I was in middle school, I begged my mom to let me go to work with her on “bring your child to work day” because she always talked about how much fun it was working with Kim.  She kept warning me that it was boring but finally let me tag along.  I envisioned they would talk all day, go out to lunch at some place that was super fun, and it was basically a grown up party.  Well, let’s just say they worked in accounting-type jobs and I quickly realized that in the real-world you can spend the first 3-4 hours sitting next to someone and not talking because you’re actually working.  And that “super fun” place that I thought they went for lunch turned out to be Taco Bell.  Kim still likes to tease me about the disgust on my face over those tacos.

One word to describe this person:  Vibrant

What I admire about this person:  Kim is not afraid to be exactly who she is.  In about 2 minutes of talking to her you know that she’s outgoing, funny, and personable…..and that’s what she is and who she is everyday to everyone.

Fun facts that makes me love this person so much:  You can’t possibly hear Kim laugh and not start laughing yourself.  She is extremely smart and spent some time at a school that only smart people go to (BYU).  She wrote my undergrad college admission letters (sorry Ohio University, I hope that doesn’t count as plagiarism).  She can work magic on a sewing machine.  She isn’t afraid to sing when songs come on the radio…loudly.  She enjoys pointing out how I’m exactly like my mother.  She’s good at pop culture jokes.  She has a quick wit mixed with this unique sense of comedy that is hard to describe.  She is a die hard fan of the things she loves and would be likely to dress in costume related to those things.  She is an amazing band groupie and ends up becoming friends with bands that result in her getting backstage access, autographed items, and first-name basis status with their crew.  She has amazing intuition.  She has 2 grown daughters and is extremely close with both of them.  She can take a joke.  She cries every time they sing “Defying Gravity” when she sees a performance of Wicked.  She is creative.  She’s been a part of my life for approximately 25 years!

I was so sad that I couldn’t find a picture of Kim and I together – that’s on my to do list next time I see her!  Here’s a picture of her with her oldest daughter, Tiffany.