Feb 19…After my 3rd day of a 3 day training class at work, I came home and changed clothes and hit up Zumba and then drove home.  And then drove back to Zumba because I forgot my boots there.  And then drove home again.  And then played with the garage door for a bit because it wouldn’t stay closed.  It was nearing 10pm when I was in bed with my phone propped up on a pillow watching youtube videos on coding.  I felt a little stuck because most of the videos are beginner, which I still am, but it’s a repeat of everything I’ve been doing the last few weeks.  It’s like I need a video somewhere between beginner and intermediate, but one that doesn’t teach me any of that really hard stuff that makes me hate coding.

Feb 20….Total fail.  I didn’t code.  I went to work and dinner with neighbors and by the time I got home around 9:30pm on a Friday night and caught up with Chris a little, I just ended up going to bed with no care in the world for the fact that I’m on my 20th day of any sort of goal whatsoever.  I’m disappointed that I didn’t at least do something since I was wasting time at the mall while waiting for my neighbors to arrive.  It’s only now that I’m realizing I had earphones in my pocket and could’ve watched a video or two.  But no, I drank coffee and ate an oatmeal raisin cookie from Northstar as an appetizer and commented on pictures of scarves on Instagram that I liked.

Feb 21…I decided not to wait until late at night to code, finally.  I was stirring around between the codecademy app and youtube when I broke down and text Chris while I sat on the couch downstairs, he was upstairs in his office, and said “coding isn’t fun anymore.”  Now that I think about it, he never responded.  He was probably coding.  Don’t act like you don’t text your spouse while you’re in the same house too.  I don’t know if I hit the jackpot or confirmed how weird this goal is when I came across a youtube video called “speed coding” and it not only made no sense, but there were no words and just the sounds of some boy band type of song playing in the background.  What?  I still don’t know what “speed coding” is or what that band was, but it gave me a laugh.  Anyway, my enthusiasm was renewed when I came across this Tedx talks:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfBWk4nw440  I love it.  In 10 minutes he basically talks about why you should do exactly what I’m doing.  I found his talk funny, interesting, and a little eye opening.  He essentially encourages everyone to learn to program, even mentioning codecademy via one of his visuals as a way to learn, and then taking those skills you learn to solve real world problems.  It left me wondering, what problem can I solve at the end of this?

Feb 22…If coding didn’t feel somewhat depressing before, being somewhat bullied by a guy on youtube will take it there.  I found a video that indicated it was #3 in a number of lessons so I thought ‘hey, maybe that will be passed the beginner stuff enough to teach me something new.’  It was also the first person who had an American accent.  A couple minutes into the video he says, and I quote, “If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then go to my other tutorials because I’m not explaining it again” and somewhere in there he mentions the phrase “….it’s not just crap on the screen.”  In a closing comment where I think he was talking about all of the possible functions you could do, he says “check out my website, I really don’t feel like going through all of them right now.”  Way to represent the American coders, dude.  ‘Merica.  As I head into my final week of coding, I’m still feeling stuck.  I think I’ve hit the end of my codecademy ipad app lessons as the only option is to hit “resume” which takes me back through the lesson of creating my own website, which I now know gets me no website.  I’m to a point on codecademy via desktop where 30 minutes a day isn’t enough for me to retain things and it’s becoming too advanced which I hate to admit.  I’ll probably ask Chris what he thinks will be worth my time in the last week of this goal.  Who knows, maybe I’ll switch programming languages and become a pro at Java by the 28th.  Or I’ll just drink java.