Mind, Body & Soul

Thursday, March 12th: I was having a hard time focusing on one task at a time today, because I have a “to-do” that could probably wrap around the Earth. I half heartedly completed the DVD workout, Perfect in Ten Yoga, Tone & Strengthen and my P-90 circuit. I decided to suck it up and start practicing right away and that was what really helped me find focus and center today before going into work for my staff meetings. Maybe I will be able to knock enough off of my list today that I am able to feel more focused and centered tomorrow….here’s hoping! When I added this goal to my list I initially had physical fitness in mind, but the fact is that yoga offers much more than exercise for the body. It has given me emotional balance and a way to connect to essential self during some really tough weeks. Here are a few suggestions for cultivating mindful, yogic awareness in your own life: 1) Daily Yoga Practice 2) Meditation 3) Practicing Non-Judgment 4) Find Compassion and 5) Cultivate Awareness. (http://www.chopra.com/ccl/5-yoga-practices-for-mind-body-balance) I hope you enjoy today’s YogaQuote!



Friday, March 13th: My day was packed as usual, so I did my best to squeeze in 20-30 minutes of the DVD, Power Yoga. I found these exercises similar to the sequence we did at the Lululemon class last Sunday. I’m loving today’s YogaQuote as it applies not only to my yoga practice, but to my flute practice as well.



Saturday, March 14th: Getting a workout in on Saturday mornings is always super tricky when I need to be at the studio by 9:00am, but I managed to wake up early enough to do a short sequence from the DVD I used yesterday, Power Yoga. After work I ran across town for a Divertimento Flute Quartet rehearsal. I absolutely love making music with such talented musicians. It feeds my soul in a way nothing else can. Here’s today’s YogaQuote: