Month 23 of 24

Angela and I are on month 23 of a 24 month experiment.  We’re on the home stretch of a project that grew out of long talks and the desire for something more exciting and adventurous.  If you’re just tuning in…where have you been the last 23 months?!  We have each been trying a new goal per month for almost 2 years and blogging about those experiences along the way.

Some of you loyal followers may have noticed a little radio silence on my end in the last few months, after consistent blogging every few days for a year and a half.  Here’s a quick recap (the weird kind of recap you get in 30 seconds when your favorite Netflix show has a year long break and suddenly you’re trying to piece together all the things you remember from the last episodes but the characters and events seems like a foggy memory).

I didn’t blog in September and October.  I was supposed to do something that was Angela’s pick in September and I was supposed to do a Bible study in October.  Angela gave me some grace when I would sulk to her over texts and dinners and emails about my heavy workload at work right now, and I’m pretty sure I missed the entire month of October.  It’s like, I went to work, did a lot of powerpoint presentations, and then last thing I remember I was passing out Halloween candy and intending to compliment one of the cute girls who came up in a leopard print costume by saying to her parents “she’s the happiest Halloweener we’ve seen all night.”  It was confusing.  The choice of the word “Halloweener” is one Chris still won’t let me live down.  But in any case, after a year and a half of goals and adventures, life has just handed me some very busy days that have left little steam for cleverness and motivation for my original goals.  I’m using words like “Halloweener” guys, I just need rest, I guess.

So here’s some random things I’ve been wanting to share along the way, and what you can expect next as we close out these 2 years!

1.  My book is releasing on February 14, 2017!  Remember how I’m writing a book in the midst of all this?!  While I’ve been quiet on the blog, I have been spending my weekends working through final edits and there’s officially a date, a book cover idea in mind, talks of a book launch party, and an idea for a second book.  Looking back on all of the goals and all of the blog posts – even with the failed blogging attempts in the last couple months – I will be publishing a book before I’m 35 (1 month before I’m 35 to be exact) which is a huge life goal and has made all of this worth it!

2.  Remember when Angela picked my goal for me last year and it was to speak at The Moth?  And then I never made it to a Moth event?  Well, during my radio silence period….I went to The Moth!  I didn’t speak though, so don’t get too excited.  (The Moth is like Ted Talks, but not as formal.  It’s more an underground type of thing where trendy people show up in some “only cool pool know about this place” type of bar, they put their name in a bag, names are drawn, those selected give a quick talk, there’s winners, it’s amazing).  Chris and I went to Portland in September and there happened-to-be a Moth talk night going on.  I didn’t put my name in or prepare a talk because I wanted to just check out how these things go down first, but it was a very cool experience and we heard talks and learned things about people we never would’ve expected.  I will definitely hit up other Moth events and put my name in the hat in the future.

3.  My actual goal for November, which is what I’m supposed to be blogging about right now is building a personal website.  I chose that goal because after 2 years of blogging I’ve realized I love writing and blogging is the perfect forum.  I knew I had the book brewing in the background too.  And I had the Tedx talk under my belt.  So this month I will still be pursuing that goal so I’ve got a one stop shop to share all my words in all those ways.  I have been talking with Chris some about domain names and what I want the website to look like and what to include.  The site will include a blog section where I’ll keep the blogging going but it won’t be focused on a monthly goal or specific theme.  I’ve had a ton of ideas on topics to write on, but haven’t put them here since we try to keep it focused on our monthly goals.  So that will be my forum going forward.  I’ll shamelessly share the link here and every other social media platform once things get up and running.

So that’s the nutshell.  That’s the weird and disjointed recap.  It’s good to get back on the ole blog.  Updates about the new website forthcoming.  Until then…Happy Halloweener.