Mug Shot Until 2019

Mar 27….Friday and relief finally started to present itself.  My last post referred to a beyond busy work week but thankfully the weight started to lift on Friday.  I started the day at the BMV which is normally a place that breeds complaints.  I couldn’t get passed (passed or past?) the humor of how we all lie about our weight on our license and how incredibly horrible my picture was that I literally just started busting out laughing in my car.  I think it was a combination post-stressful week + funny situation = ridiculously inappropriate laughing.  You know the type?  Anyway,  the picture is below for your viewing pleasure.  2 years ago I would have been humiliated by it all.  Now….why wouldn’t I show you?!  It’s hysterical.  It’s me.  It’s horrible.  And it’s my picture until my 2019 renewal.  The hilarious part of it all was the fact that she even showed it to me and said “that ok?” and for some reason I said “sure.”  What?!  After the photo shoot, I headed to work where we started to put a bow on the assignment we were working on with plans to be “done done” on Monday.  I even caught up with a friend briefly at lunch and left the office at 4:00.  The swing from stressed to relieved or happy to sad or inspired or depressed is a dramatic one.  I’ve read some online articles (the kind that are sound psychological advice once you x out of all the pop ups) and various titles of books (I’m not a huge reader but I love covers and titles) that say that’s the personality of an Aries.  Or an only child.  The extremes.  Love or hate.  Inspired or depressed.  Always or never.  There’s not a lot of room for the gray area.  In a month of trying not to complain, it can be exhausting to try to hang all the way on the one side 24×7.  In any case, this Friday started the swing to the positive side of things and ended with dinner, coffee, and a concert with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law.  The moments I laughed really hard that night weren’t lost of me….it was a welcomed feeling at the end of a tough week.

license pic

Mar 28…My only real plan for the day was sleeping in.  I justified that I deserved it based on the week.  I didn’t have any workout planned (which is actually never helping the cause because I only feel worse when I don’t).  Around 10am I decided to head to Whole Foods (which is inconveniently placed on the other side of Columbus) because my April goal is to eat all organic.  I figured I had done enough research online on defining what “organic” meant….something you die hard gals with goals fans (hey mom) will soon read a lot about in upcoming posts.  I was in no rush whatsoever.  Now that I think about it, I didn’t even complain to myself about the poor parking lot set up at Einstein bagels (I made a pit stop there) or the lack of cart corrals at Whole Foods.  See….maybe I am making progress?!  I read labels, I took pictures of organic food signs, I bought some non-organic swedish fish to help round out March, and I headed home.  And then I crashed.  I’ve said before that I’m an anti-nap type of person but apparently I needed it.  Or at least that’s what people say to make you feel better when you tell them you slept for 2.5 hours on the couch.  We ended up meeting up with one of my besties (whose birthday was today) and her husband to see a movie.  The drive home is where I started to get weak.  I think I’m passed stupid complaining at this point.  I don’t even think I was complaining…I was “sharing my feelings” (that’s my new tag line for it).  Just general frustration with feeling out of shape and so tired lately, etc.  I just have to hang in there a few more days (for the purpose of this blog, but no I don’t plan to have a complaining fest on April 1…I think).  I’m hoping my April goal will address those types of complaints that have lingered in some fashion for 28 days.

Mar 29…I was at Peace Lutheran Church by 8:20am attempting to make yoga clothes look like church clothes.  I was there to listen to Angela and Joe play during the service – which they did an amazing job, as always!  I love having musician friends.  I love when I watch them play I think about how it’s their passion and they’ve made a career out of it.  I also find much joy in the older crowd who are in their Sunday best.  I love the older women in hose and heels and the men who still wear a suit to church.  I love that they are trying to get a knitting/crocheting club started, says their bulletin.  I didn’t think God would think less of me, but let’s just say I kept my coat on over my lululemon pants throughout the whole service…including and especially during communion.  The service was great and gave me a lot to think about.  I left church and headed over to yoga where it just wasn’t as good as last week.  It’s a free class so I literally cannot complain!  It wasn’t the instructor….it was me.  I was just lethargic.  I grabbed lunch and lingered in Barnes and Noble for awhile – my November goal is to write a book in 30 days so I find inspiration just being around books I guess.  I even bought one (“The Four Agreements” per Angela’s recommendation).  I pondered what makes a best seller and what doesn’t.  I drifted to the journals and considered learning calligraphy.  I looked at the cookbooks and considered making soups.  I headed home where I feel asleep sitting up on the couch with my ipad in one hand and phone in the other.  See….I can’t shake the tiredness lately!  I did some similar “feeling sharing” about how I was just  “blah and tired and not inspired” and then cut it off and just sat down and made my workout/meal plan for April.  Just having a plan is already pulling me out of this slump (I wanted to come up with a cooler word than “slump” but no luck).  I caught up on some work things and that’s about it.  29 days.  29 days and I’m pondering what I’ve learned?  My last post about not complaining will be Tuesday with my traditional “10 things I learned by not complaining for 31 days.”  What I can say is…..this one was tricky!  Hopefully I can articulate it well….stay tuned on Tuesday.