My eye was twitching by 9:00

Jan 5, 4:45am…my alarm went off, it was the real deal.  It was my first day back to work and my new morning routine had been meticulously planned and was waiting for me to execute.  I spent 10 minutes officially waking up by checking the normal apps on my phone (work email, Facebook, Instagram, horoscope,…I’m learning through just 5 days that I click on those apps a lot throughout the day – well, I normally just read the horoscope once.  For any other Aries out there, apparently today was when big changes begin).  The weather app told me it was a toasty 18 degrees outside.  I got up and put on the workout clothes at the foot of the bed, brushed my teeth, grabbed my pre-packed bag of almonds, gum, etc and headed out.  I can honestly say that I actually feel more awake when the alarm goes off and I just get up at 4:45 (+10 minutes or so) vs the game of “snooze” I would play (I say “would” like I’m so far into this and I’m officially a master at getting up early) at 6:00, 6:10, 6:20, 6:40…..7:15.  I arrived at the gym and managed to get in a 6 minute warm up on the treadmill while I fooled with my music, 15 minutes on the elliptical, and 10 minutes on the stairmaster.  I already had plans to lift with my trainer, Natalie (, in the evening so I was just set on doing cardio in the morning.  I was so frustrated because even though it seems like I’m up so early, the gym time still feels rushed because I’m simultaneously shooting for being at my desk at work no later than 8:15am.  I didn’t even stop for coffee after (mainly because it didn’t even sound that appealing that early).  I came home to find Chris in the kitchen by 6am making his protein pancake and giving me words of praise and encouragement.  I mumbled some things about how I still didn’t feel like I did enough while I sipped on an organic coconut vanilla drink that I swear tasted better last time I had it.  Looking back on the day, the only noticeable time that I was tired was the 10 minutes I sat there at 6:20am saying how I needed to get in the shower soon.  Thanks to already having my work clothes picked out, my morning routine was a little faster than usual and with traffic, parking, and a minor detour to a different door at work due to wind…I was at my desk by 8:10am.  My eye started twitching by 9am.  I made a small series of poor food choices sprinkled throughout the workday and then headed to my other gym to meet Natalie.  We lifted legs.  It was a “pull 5 (45lb) plates on a sled (with a partner) while running backwards” type of workout.  Made a pit stop at the grocery on the way home.  Laid out clothes for work tomorrow and pre-packed my Zumba clothes to have in the car in case this snow storm truly arrives.  Made a fruit dip I saw on Pinterest that was obviously attractive based on the number of exclamation points the person who pinned it used after stating “best fruit dip ever.”  Laid some fruit beside my fruit dip in the fridge.  And here I am, getting this blog in before the lavender essential oil I just put on my wrists (yeah, I’m one of “those people”) kicks in.  I know it’s only Monday, and I’m guessing my attitude will change after some of the overly ambitious workouts I have planned for this week…but I noticed all throughout the day I felt so thankful.  I felt thankful to have a husband who was already coming up with home workout options in case I was snowed in tomorrow, the same husband who wouldn’t judge me at all if I just hit snooze and quit this whole thing, I was thankful for the brand new gym 5 minutes from my house (sorry LA Fitness for the stream of glutamine that dripped down the stairmaster from my leaky shaker, I tried to clean it), I was thankful for my job that I got to go back to no matter how many people asked me the same question about my holidays,  I was thankful for a job with flex hours that if I wanted to stroll in at 9am instead of my self-assigned time of 8:15am…no one would say a word.  I was just feeling thankful that I can pick 12 (well, 11 since Angela is picking my 12th) random goals to try and no matter how crazy they are I have this silly support system made up of Chris, my parents, coworkers, and friends to get me through.  Maybe this lavender is inspiring feelings of gratitude?

I did get a few repeat questions today from co-workers, so here’s some additional info for all those just dying to know….

Why 4:45….why not 5:15 or 5:30? 

4:45am is the time I would need to wake up to give myself drive time to the gym and back and still manage to get to work by my goal of 8:15am.

Why not just shower at the gym?

Ugh.  Once my hair grew out longer than my bra strap…the morning primp time doubled.  I’ve done the routine of packing the hair dryer, make-up, clothes you hope don’t wrinkle…and don’t even think about accessories.  It’s such a production and takes my motivation away with every extra bag required.

Was the gym crowded?

Nope.  I’ll say maybe 30 people were there but the gym is huge.  The New Year crowd never bothers me.  I am not going to complain about people wanting to get healthy….even if it is just for 1 week out of the year.

So tomorrow’s agenda includes a morning shoulder workout + cardio (whatever there’s time to squeeze in), work, and then an hour and a half Zumba class at night.  Oh…and a blizzard.  There’s a medicine ball, jump rope, and resistance band at home as a back up.

Peace out girl scouts.