My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to The Yard

Apr 13…Monday.  I got my first compliment of the month!  A coworker said my skin was glowing.  Yeah!  I had actually noticed the day before that my face seemed to look a little less red/blotchy so someone else saying that validated it and made me feel like a million bucks.  Especially because I was starting the day with texts to Chris letting him know that eating organic felt dumb and I didn’t want to do it anymore.  I didn’t do as good of a job tracking every detail this week based on a busy schedule and a false expectation that I could remember it all – so here’s the main meals and a mix of snacks that were scattered throughout the day.  Organic unless otherwise noted:

7:30am – oats + protein powder (I wanted to puke)

12pm – shredded chicken + wild rice + zucchini + salsa.  I made the chicken the day before by putting chicken broth (pic below) + chicken breasts in the crock pot.

4pm – shredded chicken + salsa.  I had to eat dinner early because my boss was speaking at an OSU class this night and I went to help with a group activity.

8pm – frozen lasagna.  I was starving and turned to my organic foods in reserve.  Come to find out, this purchase was something I bought before doing any research so it didn’t have the organic label noting that it was at least 95% organic, it was simply “made with organic ingredients.”  I also totally forgot that cheese was involved.  I wouldn’t normally eat a piece of lasagna this late but I was starving and the other choices seemed boring.

Mid-morning and mid-afternoon – I think I had a mix of a kid size granola bar, applesauce, strawberries, and a fruit strip.

I binged on a few organic cookies while I was waiting on the frozen lasagna to heat up….I just remembered that part.  Oops.

Apr 14...Here’s the food news:

8am – oatmeal that came from a packet

12pm – same lunch as the day before (shredded chicken + wild rice + zucchini + salsa)

6pm – lifted shoulders with trainer

7:45pm – welp, I veered from the plan and went out to eat.  I stuck with my organic rule though and ended up at Northstar.  It was a busy day/evening and I noticed I just wanted to go out to eat because I enjoy the break/time to myself.  I had the sweet basil burrito with chicken and took half home.  Oh yeah, I ate an oatmeal raisin cookie.  I didn’t feel miserable because it was healthy but I kind of wish I would’ve just eaten at home and cookies are supposed to only be a weekend thing.  The way I felt when I stopped to eat is how I’ve felt often when I stop to eat somewhere – except I normally  make unhealthy choices and then go with the ole ‘well, I already ate bad so I might as well wait and try again next week’ which is not a good mindset so I guess I’m happy I didn’t take it to that place.

Mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks – same as the day before, a mix of fruit, granola bar, applesauce, and fruit strip

Apr 15…Let’s cut to the chase, I had a milkshake.

8am – oatmeal from a packet

12pm – lunch out at Bare Burger.  Turkey burger + salad.  I went with a coworker and all it took was for me to say “their milkshakes are so good here, especially the peanut butter one, and….actually….they’re organic.”  I caved under peer pressure and sucked down every drop of that milkshake (pic of milkshake and their menu below).  It technically was organic and followed my overall goal, but saving sweets (even if organic) only on weekends and not having dairy went out the window.  I was actually regretting it at the same time I was having it, mainly because I was a little disappointed in myself for caving so quickly when I’ve been so focused/disciplined up to this point.  Even though the redness on my arms has yet to totally go away this month (and I have still had milk in my coffee everyday), just know that my arms were so red they almost looked purple in spots by the end of my work day.  So maybe it is from casein after all?!  Sidenote – I broke down and made an appointment with a dermatologist for next week.  I wanted to “heal” my arms with no dairy, but it’s not happening quick enough for me and one PB milkshake set me back x10.

8pm – 2 ground turkey tacos on whole wheat soft shells + salsa.  I didn’t leave work until 7pm so I was cooking turkey on the skillet later than desired, but the milkshake situation made me reel it back in as far as food choices are concerned.

Mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks – same as the other 2 days

Apr 16…Thursday with plans to have dinner out (at a non-organic restaurant) with my boss and a couple workers.  I said in my original rules that if I was at a restaurant without organic options, my default would be to select the cleanest/healthiest thing on the menu.  Here’s how it shook out:

8am – almonds

9am – oatmeal from a packet

10am – applesauce + blueberries

12pm – left over ground turkey tacos with whole wheat soft shells + salsa

3pm – apple.  I swallowed a piece whole on accident and almost choked.

5:30pm – dinner at The Pearl.  This was not organic but the best option I could find – roasted chicken, quinoa, edamame (my first time having that), roasted tomatoes.  The meal looked very pretty on my plate but I didn’t take a pic since I was with my boss/coworkers and it would’ve been weird.  I had a decaf coffee after dinner.  I dreamt of eating the corn bread appetizer and the brown sugar pie for dessert, but I refrained.

7pm – stomach ache thanks to the dinner which was my first non-organic meal in 15 days

As I look back over the last 4 days, I had the most meals out that I’ve had all month and the least amount of workouts.  That’s just reality.  If you (meaning me) can avoid totally dropping your plan when your schedule isn’t perfectly aligned with gym time and organic options – then you’re good.  Matter of fact, we have friends coming in town this weekend and my Grandpa will be in town – both of which we’ll go out to eat for – both of which will likely not be at an organic restaurant.  These goals are awesome to have and have kept 2015 so interesting, but if family or friends who I never see come in to town and that means I have to eat a non-organic egg on Sunday morning….I’m not going to be anything other than happy about it.  It’s about fitting this into life, not making it my life.

So I’m officially at the halfway point.  I have learned how to read labels, I have filled up my camera roll with pictures of food, I have found 2 restaurants I can eat almost all organic, I have suffered from a non-organic stomach ache, I have lost at least 6.5lbs and have told my husband to hide the scale until the end of the month, and I have actually not struggled nearly as much as I thought I would with sticking with my plan.  I have a teammate who is eating clean this month who sits by me at work, and I have a husband to eats clean all the time.  Surrounding yourself with others doing the same thing is the key to this madness!

Here’s to the halfway point!


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