Next Stop: Las Vegas

July 14:  I leave for Vegas tomorrow!  Ah!  I stayed at work until 6:30pm wrapping up some things.  You know, that pre-vacation routine you do where you try to work ahead and get so caught up on emails that you end up too exhausted to pack for the vacation by the time you get home.  Angela text me and offered to play some poker with me tonight but our schedules didn’t work out, so instead we swapped some texts about “can you believe we’ve been doing this blog for 7 months?!” and “we’re living life to the fullest!” which just made me even more excited for the trip, this goal, and thankful for a friend who will do a goal 365 days with you and blog every few days like they said they would (Angela – you rock!).  After getting down to 3 emails at work and eating too many chips and salsa for dinner (hey, I’m on vacation, kinda, almost, right?) I came home and watched some videos on YouTube of actual casino footage.  You know the kind…it’s the crappy shaky footage someone who doesn’t speak English took while at a table for 11 minutes and 30 seconds.  Likely illegal footage.  It did give me a feel for a table in real life and a gauge on the drunkenness of some of the players.  It also reminded me that no matter what casino you’re in, “Raspberry Beret” by Prince will always be blaring in the background.  There were no women at any of the tables in the videos.  I downloaded “Rounders” on my iPad for the flight and packed my clothes (after trying them all on first because I have this unhealthy fear that I’ll get on vacation and all my clothes won’t fit anymore….even if it’s stuff I wear regularly).  I’m doing this and I’m kind of proud of myself.

July 15:  Viva Las Vegas!  My flight leaves at 5:15pm so I have the day to drink iced coffee, change my mind on the clothes I’ve packed, and continue to research the best casinos for rookies.  I will be in Vegas from Wednesday-Sunday and have the following Monday off work to recover and count my winnings, so if you’re anxious to hear about the millions of dollars I’ve won, the poker tournaments I’ve played, and the general play-by-play…..check back in next Monday when I will be posting all the gory details, pictures, etc.  I won’t be posting while in Vegas so I can focus all my time and attention on nutella crepes, 106 degree weather (according to my weather app today), and peeing my pants at the thought of walking up to a poker table.  If I’m feeling really spunky and having a semi-decent hair day, I’ll record a couple videos before and after I play.  Here goes nothin’……


 The text that just came in from my Dad as I post this blog. 

Dad text