Now is the time to practice yoga…

For the month of March I’ve decided to practice yoga on a daily basis. It’s something that I’ve always been interested in, so now is the time! I do a little power yoga as a warm-up in my P-90 workout in the mornings but that’s about it. In preparation for this goal, I’ve been searching the web for articles, researching local yoga studios, checking out workout DVDs from the Columbus Metropolitan Library and downloading apps that I think will be useful. Here’s a picture of some I’ll be using this month.


There are 38 health benefits of yoga (

1) Improves your flexibility

2) Builds muscle strength

3) Perfects your posture

4) Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown

5) Protects your spine

6) Betters your bone health

7) Increases your blood flow

8) Drains your lymphs and boosts immunity

9) Ups your heart rate

10) Drops your blood pressure

11) Regulates your adrenal glands

12) Makes you happier

13) Founds a healthy lifestyle

14) Lowers blood sugar

15) Helps you focus

16) Relaxes your system

17) Improves your balance

18) Maintains your nervous system

19) Releases tension in your limbs

20) Helps you sleep deeper

21) Boosts your immune system functionality

22) Gives your lungs room to breathe

23) Prevents IBS and other digestive problems

24) Gives you peace of mind

25) Increases your self-esteem

26) Eases your pain

27) Gives you inner strength

28) Connects you with guidance

29) Helps keep you drug free

30) Builds awareness for transformation

31) Benefits your relationships

32) Uses sounds to soothe your sinuses

33) Guides your body’s healing in your mind’s eye

34) Keeps allergies and viruses at bay

35) Helps you serve others (this happens to be my goal in November)

36) Encourages self care

37) Supports your connective tissue

38) Uses the placebo effect, to affect change

Sunday, March 1st: Today I began with a new workout DVD called 10 Minute Solution Yoga and I tried the first workout called Yoga Basics. In the video, she mentioned vinyasa yoga, which I learned in a later google search means linking the breath with the movement. (Who knew?!?) I began with the sun salutation sequence, which uses similar movement to the power yoga sequence I do in my P-90 workout, so I didn’t feel completely clueless.  See below from today’s Yoga Quote from my YogaQuote app.


Monday, March 2nd: I started the week off right with a repeat performance of the 10 Minute Solution Yoga, Yoga Basics and followed up with a new workout on the same DVD, Yoga for Buns & Thighs. The sequence is similar to the one I do in the P-90, but I was really feeling the burn for sure! I followed up this workout with my P-90 workout and decided to turn up the heat a little by transitioning into the second DVD, which is much more difficult than the first. Prepare for whining tomorrow because I’m sure I will be insanely sore! 😉 I’m loving today’s YogaQuote!


Tuesday, March 3rd: My morning workout began with the DVD 10 Minute Solution Yoga, Yoga for Abs followed by my usual P-90 workout. I always do an ab routine at the end of my P-90 workout but I was really happy that Yoga for Abs was very different from my normal routine and worked different muscle groups. Feeling a different kind of burn can be a good thing!


Wednesday, March 4th: I started my morning off with 10 Minute Solution Yoga, Yoga Burn, which was a pretty good routine, and then I followed up with an abbreviated version of my P-90 workout. I think it will take a while to really remember all of the poses and sequences I’m learning in this yoga series, and oddly enough, I’m finding the breathing to be the most difficult part. I’m wanting to do the exact opposite of what the instructor is saying in the series as far as the inhale/exhale is concerned. Maybe this isn’t a big deal, I don’t really know. This flautist also wants to exhale through the mouth instead of the nose….go figure! I’m loving today’s quote too!