Our January Goals Are Coming to An End

Tuesday, January 27th: Today I made vegan Sloppy Joe’s from the Robinson slow cooker cookbook. (Thank you again, Kelly Haley Silber!) We have two different vegan/vegetarian sloppy joe recipes and we love both! I think Joe is getting a little annoyed with me, because every time I talk about or make sloppy joes I sing, “Sloppy Joe…Slop..Sloppy Joe…” He’s OVER IT to say the least! 😉


Wednesday, January 28th: After waking up on Wednesday, I started slaving away in the kitchen preparing our dinner of Lentil Chili, also from the Robinson slow cooker cookbook. This soup is really yummy, but there will never be a lentil soup recipe that holds a candle to our Middle Eastern Lentil Soup. Not only does this recipe hold a special place in our hearts, but it will forever be our favorite. Middle Eastern Lentil Soup was the first thing Joe ever cooked for me, my first lentil experience EVER, and it was what we served at our wedding reception. (Sorry for the gas everyone…)


Thursday, January 29th: On Thursday morning I started prepping for a vegan potpie topped with chive biscuits from (you guessed it) Robinson’s slow cooker cookbook. If you are vegan and in need of comfort food, this is your dish! It’s also the perfect meal for a cold January evening. The next time I make this recipe, I might use pearl onions instead of chopped yellow onion just to change things up a bit.


Friday, January 30th: I started the morning off in Dayton at my mom and Dave’s so I packed some oatmeal for breakfast. Laura’s grandmother passed away this week so I was home for her viewing and funeral. After the service, I was invited back to Laura’s church for a lunch and lets just say it was comfort food central. Laura said, “I’m pretty sure the only thing you can have right now is a carrot stick and you know what Grandma Doris would say…” Of course I knew what she would say. She would say “knock it off and eat already!” So that is what I did. Originally I said, “…don’t tell Brooke and …I just won’t blog about it.” I told Joe about this last night and he said, “absolutely not! You have to write about it.” So here I am fessing up to it! I had a turkey sandwich and every single side on that spread had cheese, egg, etc. with the exception of the veggie tray and salad. Did I feel bad about it? Yes! Did I have a major headache on my drive home? Yep! But this is the reality that every single vegan faces and probably on a daily basis at that. Luckily many restaurants are starting to listen and meet the needs of their customers, but there is still a really long way to go!

Saturday, January 31st: Today I started my morning with oatmeal and coffee and packed leftovers for my lunch. We will be going out tonight for dinner with Ted and Diane, so we will probably head to Explorer’s Club since they provide several vegan options.

As our January goals come to an end, I wonder if this is the end or just the beginning. Many of you have asked if we’ve lost weight this month and the answer is yes, but the results are small. Joe and I have been eating vegan/vegetarian during the week for about two years now, so the results were really dramatic when we started this journey. (10-15 lbs) In the last month, Joe and I have each lost about three pounds. The other question I’ve heard several times now is, …”will you continue to eat vegan?” The answer to that is yes, but not completely. We’ve been craving cheese and fish like you wouldn’t believe. I have a feeling we will go back to our routine of eating vegan/vegetarian during the week and have the occasional meat or fish on the weekend. My hope is that we limit our cheating to only one meal on the weekend instead of major splurging on Friday and Saturday. We do this not only for our health, but for those sweet little piggies, cows and chickens (I keep asking Joe if we can have a pet pig and he thinks I’m absolutely insane!) and of course for Mother Earth.