Our Story

We met our third week of college at Ohio University, which also doubled as our first night of cheerleading tryouts (go Bobcats).  Small talk revealedAngela_Brooke-28_web

that we were both from the Dayton, OH area, both had divorced parents, and both considered ourselves “only children with siblings” (we were in college, our siblings were in diapers).  A few days and a birthday card later…we were officially “friends” – the kind you buy Christmas presents for and actually get to know each other’s parents.

College brought a lot of cheerleading, early workouts followed by donuts (one of our healthier routines), work study jobs, a shared dorm room, and eventually a senior year spent applying to grad schools.

Post-Athens life took Angela to Nebraska and Oklahoma where she earned her masters and doctorate in music performance.  She met a musician named Joe along the way who now calls himself her husband.  Meanwhile, Brooke started working and bought her first house (which would later take what felt like a decade to sell), earned a masters degree, and met and married an IT engineer named Chris.

Somewhere in between graduate degrees and wearing bridesmaids dresses in each other’s weddings, life (fate) brought both of us to Columbus, OH.  The only thing separating our houses now are 7 miles and a sketchy looking taco truck.  Fortunately, we have the same fondness for the 30-something version of each other as we did the 18 year old versions.

Now that we both call Columbus home, we’ve started a tradition on our birthdays of getting pedicures and doing what some might consider binge eating on things like chips and salsa or chicken and waffles (typically while we talk about how we have started eating healthier…or at least plan to following that meal).  Once we hit our thirties, the conversations started to change though.  While it used to always be about the next goal we wanted to achieve, it started to turn into a conversation of “I really don’t know what I want to do next” type of discussion.  We normally spent 50% of the time reiterating how grateful we are for our lives, and the other 50% saying “now what do we do?”  Our parents (who probably just wish we’d stop making goals and make them grandparents by now) blame it on being overachievers…we’ll take it.

So after numerous brunches and dinners with conversations so long our husbands text to ask where we are – we decided that in a month we’d hold an official “meeting” where we’d brainstorm something grand to do in 2015.  A month came and went and we met to run through the brainstorming lists we created in our phones.  After two hours of talking….we came up with the idea of trying something new every month for 1 year and writing about it (the website and any actual hard work associated with creating the site would be assigned to Brooke’s husband).  Why pick 1 thing to do…when we could do 12?  As details unfolded, there was a photo shoot, creation of our list of goals, and the decision that we’d only pick 11 things for ourselves (January-November) and we’d pick something for each other in December.

And so it begins…

If nothing else, birthday dinner conversations should be much more interesting in 2015.

If we happen to get rich and famous off this blog…we’re open to that too.