Pizza…yes please!

Friday, January 9th: While leaving Pickerington on Friday night after the Divertimento Flute Quartet Gig, I had the sudden craving for thai, so I stopped by Thai Paradise for their amazing Green Curry and Spring Rolls. Weren’t you just there, you might ask…the answer is YES, about a week ago. I just felt so bad that I didn’t take a picture the first time, I absolutely had to go back. 😉 Kana & Erin, if you are wondering why I suddenly switched three lanes of traffic like a total maniac on my drive home, the proof is in the picture and in my belly. nom, Nom, NOM!


Saturday, January 10th: After work I stopped by Trader Joe’s to stock up for the week, not only on recipe ingredients, but also for healthy(ish) snacks! This week’s selection was a little different than the last. 😉



After putting away groceries, it was time to do a little research in preparation for another “vegan meal out.” More on those results in another post! 😉 Joe and I haven’t had pizza since New Year’s Eve before this challenge began, so we’ve definitely been having some pizza cravings for sure! We settled on zpizza in Gahanna, because they have a pizza called the “Berkeley Vegan” made with vegan cheese, bell peppers, button mushrooms, tomatoes, veggie burger crumbles, red onions and zucchini. But that’s not all! Their dough is made from non-GMO wheat flour(or gluten-free option), prepared fresh daily, hand-thrown and fire-baked, and zpizza’s tomato sauce is certified organic. Their website also provides a list of other menu items where you can either eliminate cheese or substitute vegan cheese so you aren’t stuck with the same ‘ole thing every visit, you can mix and match to make the vegan meal you’ve been craving! Visit for a complete list of ingredients. Aside from the obvious meats and cheese, the one thing I really miss is milk and eggs, in other words, BAKED GOODS! Thank goodness zpizza had these egg and diary-free cookies. You know what I’ll be having for dessert this week. 😉




On the menu fresh from the Mueller kitchen this week: Lentil Vegetable Soup, White Chili, Vegetable Curry and Southwestern Stuffed Bell Peppers. Stay tuned!