Serving Others, Days 1-7

As Thanksgiving approaches, I figure what better goal for the month of November then to spend 30 days serving others. With that being said, I must be completely honest. I’m a pretty selfish person. However, I’d like to think that in order to be at my best for others, I’ve got to take care of myself first. My typical day consists of waking up early to work out, planning and preparing healthy meals to keep us healthy, packing Joe’s lunch before work, snuggling with two really cute kitties, and teaching and performing via multiple service jobs. We do what we can to serve our community by supporting local organizations through yearly membership and monthly sustaining contributions. Throughout the month of November, I’ll try to service others each day in a different way and share it with you in my blog posts. A little bit of kindness can really go a long way, so this month I will encourage our readers to “Pay It Forward.” Do something nice for someone and encourage them to pay it forward by doing something nice for someone else. Send me a Facebook message letting me know what you did to serve others and I’ll write about in my blog. Although this month will be a difficult one, it will undoubtedly be the most rewarding.

Sunday, November 1st: This morning Joe and I had the pleasure of playing three services at Peace Lutheran Church for All Saints Sunday. This is always a tough service, because the church community remembers family and friends they’ve lost. Hopefully our music brings a little peace and comfort to those grieving the passing of a loved one. After the last service I headed over to Music & Arts to teach my students. I have one student in particular who is obsessed with video games so I did a little research and brought him some video game music to work on for fun.


Monday, November 2nd & Tuesday, November 3rd: On Monday and Tuesday I tried to focus my attention on my students. I gave each of them a post-Halloween treat and brought in some special music for a few of my students who have been working really hard and needed a new challenge. Joe and I also performed our civic duty and voted in today’s election.

Wednesday, November 4th: Joe and I both “Feel the Bern” so we started making monthly donations to the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign and will continue to do so through the primaries and the election! 😉

Thursday, November 5th: This morning I made banana applesauce bread and blueberry muffins for the staff at MTMS. I even picked the blueberries myself over the summer! 😉 Everyone enjoyed having a sweet treat to hold them over before dinner.


Friday, November 6th: This morning a made a clothing and home goods donation to Volunteers of America (AMVETS). Volunteers of America helps more than 20,000 people in Ohio and nearly 2 million people across the country through thousands of human services programs, including housing and healthcare. Every couple of weeks I get this card in the mail with the next pick-up date. All you do is bag the items for donation and leave them on your front porch with this card for pick-up. It’s super easy and benefits a good cause.


Saturday, November 7th: This morning I surprised a student by helping her pick out a piccolo. (an early Christmas present from her parents) I met them at Music & Arts to try instruments in order to find the best fit for her. I also covered for a teacher at MTMS who woke up sick. In the afternoon, Joe and I are rehearsing with Kana for her friend’s wedding next weekend.

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