Serving Others, Days 15-21

Sunday, November 15th: On Sunday morning I performed at Peace Lutheran Church in Gahanna for two reflective services as part of the Path to Peace series. Afterward I taught all of my flute students as per my usual Sunday schedule.

Monday, November 16th: This morning I made two meals for the week from my new vegan cookbook, The Oh She Glows Cookbook. After work Joe took some of the soup I made over to his parent’s house for dinner along with banana bread I had made a couple days ago.


Tuesday, November 17th: After my workout this morning, I made blueberry muffins that I will be sharing with my stylist today at Michael Garcias and tomorrow with my ODU students.

Wednesday, November 18th: I shared blueberry muffins with my ODU students this morning and they were so grateful! Every college student needs a home cooked meal or snack to get them through a busy semester!

Thursday, November 19th: This evening after work I went to Laura’s for an Ava Anderson and Thirty-One party. My Ava Anderson order will provide a Plumpy’Nut nutritional packet to a malnourished child, through their partner and good friend, Edesia Global Nutrition Solutions. Watch the video below to see how this packet is saving lives around the world.



Friday, November 20th: Brooke and I met this morning at Philco Diner in the Short North. I bought her breakfast and then we headed across town for TEDxColumbus for some really inspirational speakers.


Saturday, November 21st: I met up with Brooke again this morning so that I could help her with her monthly Meals on Wheels route. After we picked up all of the food, we visited about 12 people on the east side of Columbus to deliver their meal for the day. From start to finish, the route only took about 2 hours with easy grab-and-go packaging and thorough instructions. Watch the video below and consider volunteering for a route in your neighborhood!

IMG_8386FullSizeRender (2)