Serving Others, Days 22-30

Sunday, November 22nd: This afternoon the Michelle Tuesday Music School’s Advanced Flute Choir performed at the Gahanna Holiday Lights Celebration at Gahanna Mifflin Presbyterian Church. It’s always fun to perform and give back to our community!


Monday, November 23rd: Today I made a donation to The Water Project, a non-profit organization unlocking human potential by providing reliable water projects to communities in sub-Saharan Africa who suffer needlessly from a lack of access to clean water and proper sanitation. The Water Project has been helping communities gain access to clean, safe water by providing training, expertise and financial support for water project construction through their staff and implementing partners. Here are 10 ways clean water can change the world: 1) Improve water supply, sanitation & hygiene 2) Reduce death & disease 3) Increase healthy food 4) Reduce conflict 5) Gender equality 6) Increase school attendance 7) Improve impoverished communities 8) Reduce pollution 9) Protect biodiversity 10) Climate change impact. (

Tuesday, November 24th: One of our fellow SSO member’s husband, Tim, was recently diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer. Today I visited their gofundme page that their children created and made a donation to contribute to the cost of Tim’s treatment.

Wednesday, November 25th: The Capital Chamber Orchestra, (CCO) is a fully professional per- service orchestra serving the greater Washington DC with 25% of the ticket proceeds being donated to music for underprivileged youth. The charity provides instruments to homeless students, students at risk and students who would love to play an instrument if they only had the monetary means. CCO believes in a strong educational outreach program and is committed to serving our youth. The CCO is based at the Historic Church of the Epiphany in the heart of DC and plans to be a touring ensemble in the future. They fully believe that this is an excellent model for orchestras as we move further into the 21st century. They are currently running a crowdsourcing campaign until December 30, (the end of tax season) at You can make an impact, not only on the Capital Chamber Orchestra, but perhaps more importantly on our society as a whole by making a donation and/or sharing this link with your contacts.

Thursday, November 26th: Today’s donation went to Seeds of Hope, Inc., which addresses the needs of the homeless population in and around Ross County, Ohio. It does so by offering, but not limiting itself to emergency sheltering, transitional housing and a faith-based mentoring program. Case Management Staff, utilizing the Housing First Model, work with the client to develop a service plan to address their housing crisis. This includes individualized attention to address factors that led to their homelessness, and barriers that prevent them from obtaining and retaining stable affordable housing. In addition to working with clients to help address the housing crisis, Seeds of Hope Mentors are assigned to each individual in order to provide encouragement and navigational support on a long-term basis.

Friday, November 27th: Joe and I have been in Boston all week for a little Thanksgiving vacation. As we were checking in at the airport, I noticed that someone left their wallet at the currency exchange booth. I turned in the wallet to airport security so they could make an announcement and find the owner. Here’s to good Karma!

Saturday, November 28th: I got an email recently from Ohio University Alumni Affairs asking if I would like to send a finals week goodie bag to my favorite bobcat. I decided to order the finals week gift bag and ship it to the OU flute studio to wish them luck on their juries and final exams. Go Bobcats!


Sunday, November 29th: Today I made a donation to The Salvation Army, an organization that provides support for adults through rehabilitation, veteran’s affairs, prison ministries, elderly services, as well as child and family services for hunger relief, housing & homeless services, Christmas assistance, and youth camps and recreation programs.

Monday, November 30th: Joe and I recently started buying a super healthy food for our kitties, but of course it was after I had already purchased a bunch of other kinds of food for them. Rather than just throwing it all out, I gave it to a coworker for her new kitten. Hopefully that will save her some money on her grocery bill for a while.

I did it! 30 days of serving others. My schedule is so crazy so it was difficult to do more “hands on” service, but when you do what you can with the time and resources you have, it goes a long way.