Snickers Satisfies

Jan 8, 4:45am…my alarm went off, it was harder than it was the day before to get up.  I haven’t written about it a lot, but I’m still dealing with a sore throat everyday, swollen lymph nodes, etc everyday since Jan 1.  I’m sure the early mornings and the amazing temperatures outside are really helping the cause.  I was moving about 10 or 15 minutes slower than the day before, but I got dressed (shirt on the right way today) with the clothes I laid out at the foot of the bed and did the 5 minute “get ready” routine and I was out.  My small bag of almonds were riding shot gun so I could eat them on my way.  I ran a red light.  I forgot to eat the almonds.  I walk in the gym and decide to just get my membership multi-gym $99 fee (see last post) squared away first thing.  A few minutes later I was folding the receipt that had my last name misspelled on it and heading to the locker room.  I managed to get a chest workout in and a little cardio.  I head home where I decide to sit on the couch for a few minutes before hopping in the shower.  Chris was already gone by the time I got home at 6:15am – he was meeting a co-worker for a bulgarian bag workout before work.  I watched 5 minutes of the news where they were showing a glass of orange juice they had set out the day before which was now completely frozen…big surprise considering the temperature was anywhere between 5 and 10 degrees and the only thing you could see of the reporter were his 2 eye balls peering over his scarf.  Prior to the orange juice scene people probably had no idea of the freezing temps.  As I was getting ready for work I decide I’m going to take a packet of orange vitamin C I just bought so I could put it in my water when I get to the office.  I head to work arriving at my goal time of 8:15am.  I forgot the vitamin C.  My morning meeting started late so I was left in a conference room by myself for awhile which is where I realized I was finally tired.  Just tired in general.  After work I was relieved to know my workout was done for the day.  When I got home I head to the pantry where I find a little treat that made my day.  Chris left me a Snickers bar with a little note of encouragement on it (pic below).  It’s actually the same Snickers I put in his stocking, even though there was only about a 12% probability that he’d actually eat it in the first place (I’ve seen him eat a Snickers 1 time in 9 years and that was on his birthday)…the man lives a clean diet 24/7×365 (is there a cooler way to type that? it ended up looking like a bad math problem).  I had been jokingly asking where that Snickers bar went because 1.  we’re not the type to buy candy bars or keep them at our house  2.  sometimes a girl just craves chocolate.  So poof….there it was….for me…with a note.  I ate it.  I felt loved.  My love language is “gifts” with “words of affirmation” ranking as a close second, so a gift with kind words – even if it’s just a $1 candy bar and a 4 word note is like gold to me (  Around 7:45pm I decided to lay on the couch and avoid any electronic device.  By 8pm Chris was laying my favorite blanket over me ( while I mustered up enough energy to tell him I’ll wash the 3-4 dishes in the sink.  2 hours and 15 minutes later I wake up to the sound of him washing those dishes.  Apparently I was sprawled out with a leg over the back of the couch in a deep sleep posed like a college freshman sorority girl who just survived her first frat party.  I was so tired I somehow got myself upstairs where I didn’t lay out any work clothes or workout clothes and just went straight to bed.

Jan 9, 4:45am…my alarm went off and I broke one of my rules…I hit snooze.  I wasn’t proud of it, but I was so tired from the rest of the week’s adventures I’m not sure I even knew I was really hitting snooze.  The second time the alarm went off I turned it off but laid there for 15 minutes or so just confirming I was still feeling the same sore throat I’ve had everyday.  I mentally picked out my outfit since I didn’t have everything handy at the foot of the bed.  I opted for high water sweat pants that I could roll up and disguise the fact that they shrank in the dryer, I grabbed a shirt and the same under armor jacket I’ve worn all week (I’ll be washing it this weekend) and headed out.  Someone’s Christmas tree was in the median of our neighborhood.  I got to the gym where I was encouraged to run into a friend, Katie.  Even though we don’t workout together, sometimes just seeing a friendly face or knowing they may be there too can keep you going.  I lifted back and did 15 minutes on the stairmaster.  I stopped by Tim Horton’s (directly across the street from the gym) to get a coffee and headed home.  I sat down on the couch and thought about how Chris had extra vacation so he was off for the day.  We both are notorious for struggling with down time.  If we’re not productive…we’re lost.  Even my “downtime” or “recovery time” still comes in some form of productivity or planned activity like yoga.  I knew Chris was tired this week so I decided to find a Bible verse related to rest and leave it for him so he’d feel free or encouraged to just relax.  I already told myself it was worth giving myself a little leeway on my 8:15am start time at work for the sake of finding a verse and writing a note.  I find a verse and write it on a piece of paper I tore out of my journal and simply write “find rest without guilt” on the bottom.  After being awake for 2 hours by 6:45am and writing a note to my husband about being okay with rest…the irony was not lost on me.  God, I hear you.