Stolen workouts

Jan 6, 4:45am…my alarm went off, I had already made the mental decision to go to the gym despite all the snow and school closings.  It wasn’t worth it.  I was in the car a few minutes after 5am and by the time I backed out of the driveway, I knew it was going to be a slow ride.  I saw 4 deer in a neighbors yard.  15 minutes later I was at the gym.  15 minutes seems like a short trip, but when you have every minute planned…the extra 10 minutes each way isn’t cuttin’ it.  I took a selfie (included below for your viewing pleasure) and then headed out to do a shoulder workout.  I had nixed the post lifting cardio already before I even stretched out based on the snow and knowing I had an hour and a half Zumba hip hop party to go to that evening.  I don’t feel like I’m dragging myself to the gym that early – I’d rate myself “awake” on a scale of sleepy to energetic, but I can’t say my common sense is always as sharp.  After a couple shoulder exercises I realized I was doing arm exercises…the same ones I had done at the end of last week.  No clue what was going on.  I was out of there a little before 6am, slow cruise home, and walked in with no pit stops downstairs to hit the couch or fridge…I headed straight to the shower.  I knew I had no time to waste because the drive to work was going to be a long and crowded one based on the weather.  I gave up my goal of being at work by 8:15 because I knew it was out of my control.  I got in my car for work at 7:15am, I got out of my car at work at 9am.  I’ve found my overall mood at work and throughout the day has been good and productive.  I left work and had just enough time to go home and change before the Zumba hip hop party that started a little late but ran even later.  I think I was poppin’, twerkin’, and rollin’ for about an hour and 45 minutes.  I couldn’t even believe I still had enough energy by the time the long hip hop line dance type of routine to Outkast’s “Bombs Over Baghdad” started spinnin’ at 8:50pm (I say “spinnin'” because there was a a live DJ…even though “spinnin'” was more like clicking on a laptop).  I was in bed by 10:00pm and asleep by 10:00:05pm.

Jan 7, 4:45am…my alarm went off, it took 10 extra minutes of self talk to get myself up and dressed today.  I told myself that even if I started a few minutes later than normal, I was still committed to doing it.  I got dressed at 5:10am with the clothes at the foot of the bed like the other 6 days.  I headed into the bathroom to find that I put my shirt on backwards.  Great start.  I searched high and low in our bedroom and closet using the flashlight on my phone (so I don’t wake up Chris) trying to find my headband (featured in photo below) that I wore to Zumba.  After an unsuccessful search I remember I didn’t even wear it to Zumba and it was still in the side pocket of my bag.  I didn’t even grab it.  Even better start.  A chest workout plus any cardio I could squeeze in was on the agenda today with no evening workout planned.  It was a productive workout and I was set on making it worth my time after yesterday’s workout that felt “blah.”  As I was leaving the gym I hear the girl working the desk trying to get my attention.  She says that my membership is a “single gym membership” for LA Fitness….but for the one that is one town over (where I used to workout) and if I want to continue working out there I need to pay $5 per visit or a one time $99 fee.  Of course it’s the one day I don’t bring my purse with me since I knew I had an emergency $5 in my car for things like enough gas to get home, a coffee, or an unexpected visit to a parking lot with a fee.  I told her I would pay tomorrow (verbally committing to her and myself that I would be there tomorrow morning at 5am despite a forecast that is supposed to feel like -22 degrees) and that I didn’t realize I was stealing workouts for the last week.  I came home and recapped the whole gym membership info to Chris and then laid on the couch for 5 minutes.  I was already mentally disappointed that I was starting to tell myself that maybe I’d get to work a little after 8:15am but I cut myself a break with the “Zumba hangover” my body felt plus the extra chat time about being a gym thief.  I got ready for work and even with a pit stop for coffee at Tim Hortons, I was at my desk by 8:20….we’ll call that a success.  I was produtive, happy, awake, and even left a little before 5pm.  It was nice to leave work and know that my workout and work were behind me and my only plan for the evening was starting a fire in the fireplace….the kind you start by flipping a switch up.  After 7 days, I think waking up early has allowed me to be more productive, workout more, and make my day feel like it’s more than just work.  I know that different days and demands will continue to sway that balance back and forth, but for now…I plan to do it all over again tomorrow with my shirt on the right way, a headband, and a legit gym membership.