Summer Here We Come! Enjoy the Great Outdoors!

May 17th: After six days of cold and rainy weather, I was able to get back outside to continue this month’s goal. Today I added mulch to our back porch area. Eventually I hope to add a second raised garden bed and some flowers along the side of the house.


May 18th: I added more garden soil to our raised garden bed and hope to plant very soon!


May 19th: I mulched our backyard flower beds this morning. My hope is to separate some of these overgrown plants to wrap around the back of the house.


May 20th: Natalie and I helped Christina plant her garden this morning. We planted sweet potatoes, watermelon, several varieties of tomatoes, and a variety of greens. We added a trellis for the peas and cucumbers and I learned how to properly plant tomatoes. No wonder mine didn’t do very well last summer. :/


May 21st: Last August we had to have the tree in our backyard cut down and eventually we had the stump ground down. Today I used the stones that were surrounding this tree to build a fire pit in our back yard. I moved the remaining stones surrounding our backyard tree to the front yard and added a couple of bags of new mulch around the tree in the front yard.


May 22nd: This morning I weeded the side yard by our neighbor’s garage and added new mulch.


May 23rd-24th: The past two days I weeded and mulched around the side of our house. I’m looking forward to blooms on my hydrangea.


May 25th-26th: The past two days we visited with Ben, Kelly and Jack. We enjoyed the outdoors at the zoo!


May 26th: Today I weeded and mulched the front of the house. Eventually I’d like to add some color with new flowers.


May 27th: I planted our garden this morning in the raised bed. Christina gave me a tomato plant and two sweet potato plants leftover from her garden and I purchased the rest at a greenhouse over by ODU. I planted several varieties of lettuce, three types of onions, a green pepper, another tomato plant, carrots, and celery. I wasn’t quite sure about the onions, so I checked with Christina and found out that I needed to separate those. (Doh!) I spread those out throughout the garden.


May 28th: I purchased three new plants for the back of the house instead of separating the ones we already have. I also mulched the fence line between our house and garage.


May 29th: Using my hanging baskets from last season, I potted mint, cilantro, and parsley. I used another container to plant strawberries. The baskets are now hanging along the side of the garage beside above our raised garden bed.


May 30th: This morning I drove over to Moo Moo Express Car Wash to wash both of our cars. I vacuumed and washed the interior mats and carpets, cleaned all of the windows, and wiped down all of the interior surfaces.

May 31st: After a morning workout, I washed all of our windows both inside and out. I have one more outdoor project to complete, but that will have to wait until later in the week. I hope to clean and organize our garage so it’s ready for summer fun!