Symphony of Life

Sunday, March 15th: Joe and I headed to Northstar per our usual Sunday morning routine, then Joe went to Trader Joe’s to do our weekly grocery shopping (thanks babe!) while I headed over to Lululemon for another yoga class with Brooke. This class was exactly what I needed after a really stressful week and it was nice to catch up with Brooke before and after the class. In honor of all of the flute lessons I taught for the rest of the day and all of the flutists reading my blog, check out the article Yoga and Flute Playing by, Cynthia Ellis in the latest Flute View. ( Here’s today’s YogaQuote:

IMG_7025 (1)

Monday, March 16th: Today I tried the DVD, 15 Minute Results, Total Body Workout and it was right up my alley. It was exactly what I needed to find focus for an intense flute practice session and an evening full of music lessons.


Tuesday, March 17th: After prepping for tonights dinner (Warm+Roasted Winter Salad from the blog, Oh She Glows), I worked through the book, Musician’s Yoga, A Guide to Practice, Performance, and Inspiration by Mia Olson. I’ve used this book with students in the past and find it really helps to do these stretches right before practicing my flute, which is what I did today. 🙂 I am absolutely loving today’s YogaQuote as it completely applies to the hours I spent practicing my flute today.


Wednesday, March 18th: In order to meet today’s goal I tried the DVD, 15 Minute Results, Upper Body Workout. The workout was short enough to fit my schedule but significant enough to require a little extra stretching in the evening. I would encourage all of my musician friends to check out the article, Why Musicians Need Yoga (

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