That Time I Didn’t Do What I Said I was Going to Do

My goal this month is to find a new volunteer opportunity.  I’m typically not the volunteer type and pretty stingy with my time – keeping a busy schedule otherwise and measuring success by productivity.  Chris and I have been doing Meals on Wheels for a year and a half, so I can’t say I’m all “must-be-productive” busy and no community service, but I was planning to try something new this month and expand my horizons/serve in new ways.  I thought I’d find some awesome volunteer opportunity and write about it and fast forward a year later everyone would’ve been so inspired and now everyone is volunteering.

Well, I haven’t done any new volunteer opportunities.  Matter of fact, I even contacted Meals on Wheels and said we wouldn’t be delivering anymore (for right now at least).

See, sporadically throughout this year, I started researching different volunteer opportunities.  I looked at things that may use my “corporate strengths” – Dress for Success, helping women get back into the workforce, volunteering to help people with resumes, etc.  I looked at things that may break down my awkwardness around kids – Nationwide Children’s Hospital (by the way, if you’re thinking of volunteering there, plan on 6 weeks for paperwork and doctor check ups, TB shots, etc).  I previously went to an informational session for a non-profit who helps teenage mother’s…since that topic hits close to home.  I even reflected on a quote I read about whatever breaks your heart is what your calling is (I butchered the quote, but you get the gist)…which has led to my compassion for the elderly.  I researched different senior living homes and volunteer opportunities.  I randomly landed on “adopt a troop” sites when googling “volunteer opportunities.”  I considered starting my own non-profit focused on becoming a pen pal with people who are lonely.  And….then….I did none of it.  And even better…I just didn’t even blog period until day 23 of the month.

It’s been a year and a half since Angela and I started this blog.  I’ve done 17 months worth of goals, and now on month 18, I’m just tired.  And even more-so, I just found myself emotionally and physically tired in the last couple months following my mother-in-laws passing.  So, I wouldn’t say I have been a slacker on my goal, but as June arrived, I decided to just make a deliberate decision to serve within my own home and my own family.  I just didn’t have it in me to start signing up for more soon-to-be obligations at hospitals, nursing homes, and non-profits.  I just wanted to focus on Chris and spending time with my own family.  I’m sure as life carries on and maybe my workload at work reduces some or as seasons change, I may get the notion to jump into some sort of amazing volunteer opportunity and changing the lives of people one food bank shift at a time – but, until then, I just can’t even right now.

So – if you’re interested in how I have ended up spending the month of June thus far….  I have been getting up earlier than normal (throwback to Jan 2015 goal) and getting into work as early as I can.  I have been completely swamped there (throwback to..basically always) and then I’ve been leaving work no later than 5pm (throwback to never) to meet Chris at the gym to lift with him.  In almost 8 years of marriage, we really had only worked out together a small number of times together (even though it was our original shared interest) – other than occasionally running the stairs together at Hoover Reservoir or riding to the gym together and doing our own thing.  I am 5 weeks in on crashing his lifting parties with his gym friends, and I may even be cramping their style slightly or slowing them down a bit, but this was my way of focusing on my health (mental and physical)…and secretly spending more time with Chris.  P.S.  He’s basically the strongest person I know.

Also, I’ve been spending more time with family.  At the end of May we went to Tennessee to visit Chris’ step-dad, and then I hit the road a couple weeks ago with my mom and Grandma and we headed to Lexington to visit my great grandparents on one side and my Grandpa on the other side, and then we went to my sister-in-laws the following weekend for a cookout.  Normally, I spend the weekends either doing the goal I set for my blog, or blogging about the goal for my blog, or rushing through plans to get things done.  I’ve just been keeping it simple and doing work, gym, and family things and tried to just calm it down on the ‘I need to rush home and finish X, Y, and Z’

So that’s where I’m at.  You know darn well my pride has gotten in the way as I dramatically throw myself over the side of the couch and tell Chris I couldn’t do it this month.  But, as mentioned before, this blog ain’t about bein’ perfect….

More importantly, here are some pics of the fam from recent travels


Me, my Mom, my Grandma

3 generations

Me, Chris, and my Great Grandma

Brooke Chris Mammaw

Chris and his Dad

 Chris Scott

Me, my Grandpa, my Mom


Me, Chris, my sister-in-law Sandi, my brother-in-law Chad

Tennessee w Sandi

My Grandma, my Mom, my Great Grandma

gma mom mammaw