The Cheesecake Factory: the name implies Cheese and Cake

Jan 13:  Wednesday.  I committed to going to a hip hop class at 7:15pm even though it would normally be my day off of working out/day to re-group on groceries.  So things started to unravel the later it got in the evening….

*organic oatmeal and chocolate chip square

*organic banana

*(The Elevator Restaurant) – carrots + celery + hummus <<patting self on back for not ordering the pita that normally comes with it>> + 3 pieces of wheat bread they bring out before <<realizing the bread cancelled out my no pita gig>>

*no afternoon snack….this is where it went South!

*Another organic oatmeal and chocolate chip square that I just-so-happen to find in my car that I had packed from a few days prior

*egg sandwich (Ezekiel english muffin + 2 eggs + shredded cheese).  I ate this at 9pm after having to leave hip hop early because I was hangry.

I know better.  I’ll try again tomorrow.

Jan 14:  Thursday.  Oh, Thursday.  Thursdays rock if you eat pizza and you’re a happy hour fan.  Thursdays are a challenge if you’re in a diet phase and trying to push through on workouts.  Today was my planned rest day since I attempted to workout last night, which would’ve been my rest day.

The only thing that matters today is that I fit into these pants that did not fit 14 days ago.

Excuse the quality of the photo.  I didn’t intend to post it on the blog.  It was intended for my girlfriends on a “look, I’m in these pants” type of message, but what the heck…  Also, my hand is on my hip.  I really want ladies everywhere to agree we’ll stop posing like that, but until EVERYONE stops doing it, I will continue, I guess.


*organic oatmeal and chocolate chip square (sign that I was running out of food for the week)

*(work cafeteria) – salad with lite ranch dressing + chicken + greek yogurt

*I was really killin’ it today because I forgot to put any other snacks in MyFitnessPal even though I know I ate them.  Go me.

*(NorthStar Cafe) – 1/2 sweet basil burrito + chips and salsa.  I felt guilty about the chips and salsa but kept justifying to people who didn’t care by saying “I mean, it’s like 10 chips.”  Here’s a visual.

In closer review of the photo, I think it’s safe to say “I mean, it’s like 6 chips”


Jan 15:  The typical Friday – left work late, traffic, energy non-existent.  All hopes of a workout were out the window and dinner became snacks pieced together enough to call it a meal.

*organic chocolate protein shake

*organic banana

*greek yogurt + honey

*(catered lunch at work because I was in an 11-2:30 mtg) grilled chicken + broccoli.  Both had a cream sauce over it but not enough to sabotage my efforts.

*left over sweet basil burrito chicken wrap from NorthStar from last night.  I ate this around 4pm at work so it was late snack/early dinner. Or something.  It was supposed to be my lunch.  Whatevs.

*Ancient harvest granola something or other cereal + almond milk.  The random go-to/back-up/hey-I-forgot-we-had-this meal.

Jan 16:  The main agenda in the food world today was delivering Meals on Wheels (if you’re a new blog follower, Chris and I deliver 1x per month) followed by lunch (or “brunch”) at the Cheesecake with Chris, my dad, step-mom, and sister.

You guys….the Cheesecake Factory.

The. Cheesecake. Factory.

Like, the name implies cheese, cake, and cheesecake.

<<deep breaths>>

Here’s how yours truly got a hold of herself:


*(Cheesecake Factory) – I’ll let the picture speak for itself.

Say you’re proud…say you’re proud… <<pageant wave to crowd>>

cheesecake factory

*organic chocolate protein shake

*shredded chicken + whole wheat pasta + marina

I did a 35 minute home workout with a YouTube video.  First time I had done that before and I underestimated it’s difficulty.  According to Jillian Michaels, if I do that for 6 weeks, I’ll have sculpted abs.

Jan 17:  My whole body was just achy when I woke up.  Not even achy like ‘I’m so achy from working out,’ but just that general ‘am I getting old?’ achy.  I’ve done yoga every Sunday for the last few years, and I skipped it.  I just wasn’t in the mood to have my mat 4 inches from the people next to me, and I was too busy reminding myself how achy I was and throwing in a little ‘this is all a waste of time, why am I even trying, I probably haven’t made progress’ bit.  There’s nothing better in life than defeating yourself with negative self talk.  Way to focus on the negative, Brooke.

I pulled myself out of the slump and it went down as such:


*(Northstar) – I went to the gym before this and did some cardio, so I drove over to Easton and picked back up with my normal NorthStar routine even though I didn’t do yoga at Lulu Lemon.  Granola + mint iced coffee.  MyFitnessPal says the granola is 603 calories.  I don’t even care.  Here’s a pic to prove my point on how amazing it is.


*5 multi-grain crackers + garlicky kale yogurt dip (a new find at Whole Foods)

*shredded chicken + whole wheat pasta + organic marina.

*1 spoonful of organic crunchy peanut butter

Jan 18:  MLK day, so no work today.  I had dedicated this day to picking back up the ole manuscript to assess where I stopped on my book writing ventures and what is left to get my book published.  I don’t want to derail my healthy eating blog this month to talk about it, but I have a game plan and you’ll be hearing more about the book situation again in May…and any other time I drop in random stuff about how long of a process writing a book is (real authors don’t end sentences with “is”…oh well).

Here’s what food on a Monday without work looks like:

*organic banana

*(Stauf’s) – egg sandwich (2 eggs + cheese on a honey wheat bagel).  I started at Fox in the Snow, which is my official “work on my book” place.  I had already decided I wouldn’t deprive myself of ordering something at Fox in the Snow, but that I would have to hold on the cinnamon roll, which is my fav, and it’s the best in the city, possibly state, likely the world.  I told myself I’d get their egg sandwich and was ignoring the fact that their bread wasn’t really healthy in the slightest.  But, Fox in the Snow was way too busy so I bounced over to Stauf’s and was shuffled through the line quickly and just had to make a quick decision on all things bread-related that my eggs would land on.  I did the best I could.  I had an iced coffee too.

*organic chocolate protein shake

*4 multi-grain crackers + garlicky kale yogurt dip

*shredded chicken + pico de gallo + low fat sour cream + a little bit of shredded cheese.

I lifted shoulders and did cardio today too.

I’ve decided to only weigh myself on January 1 and then again on my final blog post as to not torture myself.  So, who knows how much I have or haven’t lost yet, but I shall carry on with vegetables and workouts next week.