The Day I Said a Turkey Burger Was Amazing & The Dirty Dozen

Apr 7…Let’s start with the rundown of my food choices today:

Organic unless otherwise noted

8am – oats + protein powder

9am – iced coffee with skim milk – yup, a splash of milk and it wasn’t organic.  Coffee was always my non-organic exception, I’m tired of justifying it and I can’t handle it without the milk I was trying so desperately to get rid of.  It tasted amazing.  Note – just because I’ve totally failed on eliminating milk in my coffee, please do not dismiss my ability to go without cheese, yogurt, sour cream, or cottage cheese for 7 days so far.  ::patting self on back::

11am – strawberries + 2 rice cakes – I still stand by the fact that the organic rice cakes taste so much better (pic in a past post)

12pm – the last of my left over chicken, tomatoes, and wild rice

12:30pm – mint tea at Starbucks and I’m still unsure if that’s organic?

3pm – protein shake – it was the 2nd of those 2 milk free plant based protein packets I bought before where I described the taste much like dirty water

5pm – fruit strip on drive home

5:10pm – kid size raisin granola bar on the drive home – organic, 80 calories, and helped distract the mind while stuck in traffic.  I feel like “stuck in traffic” may be a spin off blog I do in 2016 as it makes it’s way into most of my posts?!

6pm – the last 4 chocolate covered pretzels in the bag….the same bag that was supposed to be opened only on weekends.  Oops.

6:25pm – 2 pieces of toasted Ezekiel bread with peanut butter.  I could’ve had 1 and been fine.  Organic Smuckers peanut butter is not my fav and a little goes a long way.

7pm – Hour and a half zumba/hip hop

I didn’t feel like cheating on my plan today but I wasn’t in love with what I ate.  I had hoped to have eggs after Zumba and wouldn’t call toast a dinner, but it’s better than choices I’ve made in the past and everything was organic (except the coffee, of course).  I did find that during my drive home I was mentally in a place where I was frustrated, couldn’t decide if I should drive straight to Zumba or go home first, and there was a little part of me that wanted to just stop off and eat at a restaurant and forget all of my plans (which I’ve done numerous times in the past).  I got it together, pushed through, and came home from Zumba at 9pm sweaty, exhausted, and a little dehydrated.  Must drink more water.

Apr 8…Ever have a day when the first thought upon opening your eyes is ‘wish I had a donut?’  This was one of those mornings.  I’m “in it” this month mentally so I knew I wasn’t going to actually have a donut, but when I weighed myself to see I was still at a loss of 6lbs it was easy to get discouraged and want 2 donuts instead of 1.  6lbs is great and I’m only officially 8 days in, but you know when you have a few awesome workouts and a handful of healthy eating days….it’s easy to get a little delusional on your results.  I’m all but in crop tops (as if people wear crop tops anymore?) and in the 120’s in my mind….but apparently reality takes longer.  I also knew that today was going to be my first day eating out for lunch (other than Easter weekend which didn’t count according to my rules/planned cheats) so I was hoping it didn’t start to derail me.  Here’s what’s fueling me today…

Organic unless otherwise noted

8am…oats + protein powder – so over it

9:30am…coffee + skim milk – not organic

11am…strawberries – I almost forgot to eat this meal due to meetings.  I had planned on eating rice cakes too but didn’t since it was so close to lunch and I was busy prepping for another meeting

12pm – lunch out at Bare Burger – I had been there once before to scope it out knowing this goal was planned for April.  They say they are organic, their menu says “Bare Burger Organic” on the top, and their chalkboard sign outside references organic and kitschy drawings of animals that say “I like grass.”  I didn’t investigate down to the details of what they consider organic or what percentage of their food is organic, etc.  Since my criteria was ‘if it says “organic” it counts’ I was willing to roll with it.  I also kept with my ‘choose the cleanest thing on the menu’ option while out too.  I had a turkey burger on a sprout bun (plain, no condiments) with a garden salad with some sort of avocado-type of dressing.  The burger was amazing!  I know that I’m either tired of packing (8 days is a lot for me, I could eat out for every meal normally) or their food is just really that good….because I would laugh at myself a few weeks ago at the thought of claiming a turkey burger was amazing.  Pic below.

3:30pm – protein shake (using the same powder I put in my oats). Eh.

4:45pm – fruit strip + kid size raisin granola bar

7pm…chocolate covered pretzels….a new bag I bought that was supposed to be for the weekend….oops again

7:30pm – ground turkey tacos which also tasted amazing!  Maybe I was just really hungry today?  For turkey specifically?  It was just ground turkey + whole wheat taco shells + salsa.  If you don’t eat organic or don’t desire to – at least change to organic taco seasoning.  It tastes way better, doesn’t make your stomach feel weird (or maybe it’s just me that the other kind does that to?), and I read somewhere on Pinterest the other kind is some super crazy toxic mix of seasonings that we will eventually all die from.  I would hate for everyone to die from a taco.

I hit a wall at 5pm as far as my energy was concerned (from work/working out or because I ate out? Mmmm?) and felt thankful that I was considering it a rest day from working out.  When I left work I just wanted to eat whatever and then lay down.  The urge to stop and eating anything wasn’t that strong but it was there.  I opted for a dry cleaning pick up and the tacos at home instead and was thankful I did later.

bare burger Tacos

For those of you who enjoy the ‘learning something new’ portion of this blog – here’s an organic lesson for you today.  In the organic world, there’s something called “The Dirty Dozen” which is basically saying that if nothing else, at least buy these items organic due to the highest potential level of pesticides compared to other fruits and vegetables.  So if you’re finding organic foods are more expensive (oh yeah, I’m supposed to talk about the price difference in a blog soon!) and have to be selective about which ones you can/want to spend the money on, here’s a visual to show you which ones you should consider investing in the organic option.  Each fruit and vegetable on this picture has arms, legs, and a mouth…so clearly this is credible (I have read about this dirty dozen outside of this picture though too to validate the info).

In summary, buy these items organic plus my recommendation of organic taco seasoning and visit a Bare Burger if you find one!

Dirty dozen