The Devil’s in the Decaf

Jan 23, 4:45am…my alarm went off, huge headache over my right eye.  Remember how somewhere buried in my last post I was all ‘tsk tsk with caffeinated coffee, I’m not having that crap anymore thanks to acid reflux, I’m just having decaf because it’s not like I rely on the caffeine to wake me up anyway…look at me…I’m awesome.’ (Not those words exactly, but that was the underlying tone).  Well, I went with decaf and apparently my body does rely on that caffeine.  I think this morning would make my third day on decaf and that headache turned into the most sluggish day of the month so far.  I have been drinking Advocare’s Spark sporatically throughout the month too which also has caffeine, but I hadn’t decided to eliminate that yet (don’t ask why I would get rid of coffee and not Spark which has more caffeine, clearly not a lot of thought went into this) – I just kept forgetting to take it to work the last few days so it was the double whammy.  I did force myself to get up and that feeling I had on Wednesday of the ‘best morning workout ever’ was totally gone.  I did the saddest excuse for an arm workout and then walked on the treadmill and felt like I was asleep the entire time.  I didn’t even stop for my piddly decaf on the way home, I walked in and made a decision that would set the tone for the day – I fell back asleep on the couch.  I haven’t done that any other day, and getting back up to get ready for work felt impossible.  The entire workday I felt so tired, and continued to reinforce the feeling by mentioning it to any coworker who would listen up until 4:15pm when I decided I wasn’t going to be productive any longer and just shut down and left.  I came home and even broke my normal anti-nap rule and fell asleep on the couch again.  Rockin’ Friday!  Go me.

Jan 24, 4:45am…my alarm went off, why did I decide to do this on weekends too?  There wasn’t anything for me to do.  I mean, yes I could’ve done some less important things that didn’t require real brain power, but the gym isn’t even open that early so that is out too.  I stayed awake for about 30 minutes, long enough to say that I “woke up at 4:45am” and then I decided to go back to sleep for awhile before Zumba.  I went to Zumba where I stood in the front row and was severly disappointed to find that I didn’t look nearly as great dancing as I had imagined in my head, and then I went and got a (decaf) coffee.  I had Spark in my water while I was at Zumba, so my contradictory caffeine/no-caffeine goal was going just as poorly/perfectly planned as possible.  I did some typical errands in the afternoon and then headed back to Dayton to meet up with some high school besties for dinner.  I spent the night at my mom’s house that night because I was going to a baby shower in Dayton the next day.  I knew that when I was still up at 11pm playing on my phone and watching Sex and The City the movie on Bravo for the 30th time…it wasn’t going to fare well for my early morning.

Jan 25, 4:45am….my alarm went off, I was in the spare bed at my mom’s house.  I had my wireless keyboard and ipad right beside the bed because I figured I’d at least get this blog post in with the extra morning time.  No no, I woke up and again just played on my phone for a little bit and decided anything other than sleeping was pointless.  I fell back to sleep for a little while, and then woke up in time for my mom to crawl in bed with me like the good ole’ days where we proceeded to catch up on all the latest happenings in each other’s lives before I took a shower and headed out to meet my sister for breakfast (yes, the 16 year old sister that borrowed my car several posts back for driving practice…she passed…she drove herself to breakfast).  Somewhere in between my shower and packing my bag – my stepdad brought a muffin and a cup of coffee upstairs and left it for me.  Coffee.  With caffeine.  This isn’t the first blog post where someone has noted that they’ve “cheated” on some sort of goal because of a family member serving them in some way.  I drank it and decided this coffee decision is starting to distract from my original goal, so I will no longer be making claims about what is/isn’t in my coffee going forward.  I went to the baby shower, I burnt the roof of my mouth eating a 3 cheese mini quiche bite, and then I headed back to Columbus.  It’s almost 7pm but I already have my vitamins, almonds, Spark, and “emergency Advocare apple cinnamon bar” (you know, for emergencies, or bad attitudes related to starving) laying on the table.  I don’t feel guilty for the falling back to sleep over the weekend, this month has just proven the weekends aren’t meant for that early of a morning.  But I am still on track for finishing out this last week of my January goal!  Oh yeah, and there’s another blizzard expected for tomorrow.