The Not Fun Part of Trying to Get Published

May 14May 15:  I did nothing to move my book closer to publication on these days.  I wallowed in the beta reader comments (see last blog) for a couple days and we did a day trip to Dayton for some family things.

May 16:  I had a call today with the owner of BookHive Corp.  It was a part of the service I blogged about last time.  You have 8-10 beta readers, you get the 30+ page feedback, and then you do a call or Skype to talk through your results and discuss ways to make your book better.  She gave me some great suggestions (after I told her I was still coming off the shock and dramatic reactions to the reader who hated my book) about reading the first 10 pages of several books which are like mine to see what they’re doing in those pages to draw me in.  It’s like she knew of my ability to only really make it about 10 pages through a book anyway.  She gave me some things to think about regarding the theme of the book, and then gave me some encouragement about the fact that my overall rating was 3.6 out of 5 and how she is friends with someone at a publishing company and when that company has opened up for submissions/reader feedback to see what they want to publish, anyone with a 3.5 or above would be a viable candidate for publication.

While writing a book is such a long process and that part drives me crazy, I did think about the fact that 1 year ago I could’ve never talked about my book or claimed to be an author…so that was kind of cool.

May 17:  I’m back in the game on submitting my pitch to agents.  I submitted my query letter and a sample chapter to Alida Nugent’s agent since she is the author an editor compared my writing style to at the New York Writers Conference.  I wasn’t aware of Alida Nugent’s work before the conference, but quickly started following her on Instagram and bought one of her books the day I got back.  The editor was right….our humor is very similar.  I knew I wanted to pitch to this agent and was saving it towards the end of my pitch list for some reason.  I guess because I have high hopes?  <<Fingers crossed>>

May 18:  My pitch and the first chapter of my book are waiting in the inbox of the company who represented the book (and movie!) “The Help.”  It was a generic company email, but I’m hoping my all caps in the subject with the agent’s name draws some attention.  Hopefully not the ‘she used all caps, delete’ type of attention but the ‘hey, that’s my name, I better read this…and now I love this…let’s publish this’ type of way.

May 19:  I pitched to an agent who said she likes criticism/essays and humor.  I am defining my writing as essays and humor…so…I’m hoping my words grab her attention.

May 20:  I went to dinner with Angela and Joe.  I told them all about the beta reader feedback and they told me all about how fabulous I am.  We split a carrot cake.

May 21:  I thought about my book.  I did nothing with it.  I thought about how hard it is to get a book published.  I thought about my timeline if I end up self publishing.

May 22:  I’m about to dive in and research more agents to pitch to as I finish my goal this month of trying to get my book published.  I have officially pitched to all the agents on my original list after I removed a few when I saw they really didn’t have an interest in my genre or they were from the same agency as another agent I pitched to.  I want to find at least 5 more agents to pitch to, so….back to I go….