The Site that Never Launched

Feb 15….a Sunday after putting in way too many hours catching up on work stuff.  I have found after 15 days of coding, my mood is so…..ugh.  Irritable, I guess.  I pride myself on being a fairly positive person and tend to keep things in perspective fairly well, but, man.  I have just been so frustrated lately and everytime I think about coding it’s late at night and I’m just bitter about it.  I decided to wait until 9:30pm….again.  I turned to the codecademy iPad app and got a quick 30 minutes in before Chris and I watched a Parks and Recreation rerun.  Well, maybe it was more like 20 minutes.  I was just getting through it just to get through it but had a glimmer of excitement when I really did find an error in the code they were using during one of the lessons.  I validated it by posting the pic on one of Chris’ friends (a fellow coder) Facebook pages in hopes that he’d tell me I was right (pic below).  They forgot a / in the closing tag of their HTML.  Take that, suckers!

Feb 16…Back to work on a Monday followed by Zumba in the evening.  Long day, pajamas, bitterness, codecademy app at 10pm.  Yeah.  Why?!  I think this goal is so much more annoying than last month’s goal of waking up early because this one actually adds a “to do” to my plate.  I mean, waking up early added a workout, but it was squeezed into a time that I was sleeping before and it somehow made me feel more productive vs coding which makes me feel like I’m constantly on my computer.  Working anywhere from 8-10 hours a day on a laptop, then coming home and coding on a laptop, and then blogging on a laptop.  I didn’t even get a new laptop out of this whole situation.  Anyway, I carried on with my lessons as planned.  Somewhere along the way in my codecademy app lessons, they veered from PHP to HTML.  I don’t really know why that is but just assumed it was beneficial to know both as I did see HTML in some of the earlier PHP lessons.  I wrapped up the lesson and hit the hay.  I’ve been out of “stress away” essential oil for 2 weeks so I’m blaming my hate-the-world attitude lately on that.

Feb 17….I was in a training class all day at work.  Benefit – I wasn’t on my laptop.  Bad part – I sat like a bump on a log for 9 straight hours.  After the training, my boss took us out for a belated year-end celebratory dinner at The Guild House which will probably rank in my top 3 favorite restaurants in Columbus.  Don’t ask me what the other 2 are because I don’t have a running list necessarily, I just know The Guild House would probably fall in a top 3 if I were to make a list.  So after sitting all day followed by sitting and stuffing my face all night, coding was still on my to do list by the time the clock hit 10pm.  I’ve had more regrets about selecting this goal at 10pm at night than I did about selecting last month’s at 4:45am on a Saturday.  I got on the codecademy app again tonight and felt like I needed to at least have a basic understanding of HTML after I just told a coworker at dinner that I knew HTML with a little more confidence than deserved.  I didn’t say I was a pro, but I did say I had a basic understanding as it sounds like I will need to know it for something she’s helping me out with at work.  Codecademy had me plug in some very basic things including a picture of myself (it forced me to take a new pic, wouldn’t let me select a pic from skinnier times from my gallery) and kept telling me that I was creating my very own website with every passing screen.  I was a little apprehensive for 2 reasons: 1.  I had “my very own website” that I created in CS120 at Ohio University which haunted me for approximately 7 years.  It was a website we had to make with some basic information about ourselves (I used animated emoticons and all) and where we posted general assignments we did for our class.  Well, I guess I didn’t pay attention to how to take the site down – so it wasn’t until somewhere around 2011 when I got an email from the University saying they were shutting down the sites did I actually feel okay with using my maiden name as a part of my resume when I applied for jobs.  I always had a fear that they’d google me and find an animated muscle guy doing pull ups next to hot pink font that said “I like to work out.”  2.  The picture I had inserted in the codecademy lesson was a picture of me laying on the couch.  Not the “oops I happen to look pretty in this nonchalant/I-tried-so-hard selfie.”  No, it was just one of those even-my-mom-would-say-it’s-bad type of pictures.  So I kept thinking….’is this really going on the world wide web?’  After completing all the lessons it gave me a congrats note and said I’d be receiving an email with the link to “my very own website.”  The link never arrived.  I guess the site never launched.

Feb 18…I decided to code before catching up on work since I was in day 2 of 3 in my all day training class, so that put me at 7:30pm instead of 10pm.  My new “stress away” essential oil arrived in the mail today too.  Things are already looking up.  Now that I had that whole HTML conversation at work replaying in my mind – I decide to watch 30 minutes of youtube videos on the topic.  There’s one video out there that implies you can learn everything you need to know about HTML in 15 minutes.  I take the bait.  About 3 minutes in the guy (yes, guy…..I have yet to come across a girl who teaches how to code on those youtube videos but I still have hope) says that HTML is not a programming language.  Great.  So am I not learning how to code now?  And, that officially makes one of my past blog posts a lie when I said that HTML was incorporated into the PHP code I was learning and how it was “the other programming language I didn’t know yet.”  Youtube guy says it’s a set of tags (89 I think?  that’s how many he quotes at least).  I turn to Wikipedia to see if he’s lying or not.  It’s true.  It’s the “standard markup language used to create web pages.”  Youtube guy flies through all of them which made it hard to follow or remember but made it seem pretty easy in a general sense.  I’m debating if I spend the second half of this month on HTML or go back to PHP?

Pic of the error I found.  They’re missing a / in the closing <body> tag.