The Stats Are In

Rather than doing my typical recap of the last few days in detail, I thought I’d share the important stuff like what before and after really looked and felt like in a month where I was eating all organic.  Pictures on the bottom.

Here are the highlights…

I lost 7.5lbs.

I had an overall better mood, better energy, and my productivity increased.

I fit in 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of yoga pants, and 1 yoga tank top I couldn’t fit into before.

My skin on my face looks less blotchy.

The redness on my arms reduced (still not perfect).

I felt “blah” only 2 mornings out of 28 compared to the inverse I was feeling pre-April.  This was the biggest change and one I wouldn’t have realized had I not been blogging about every day this year!

I went to Whole Foods more in 1 month than I have in 5 years.

I learned how to read labels as it pertains to organic make up.

I packed my lunch almost everyday.  Another huge change for me!

I only went out to eat approximately 10 times this month compared to the normal 30-45 (ouch, that hurt to admit).

I have all kinds of internal benefits, I’m just sure of it.

My cravings for unhealthy food reduced.

As for pictures (I always kind of cringe when I post these because we all obviously only want to share ones where there’s a perfect filter and pose), but here ya go….

While the lighting is different, I’d like to think my face/skin look different (I’m wearing all the same make up in both pics).

Day 3 on the left, day 13 on the right

before after selfie

I tried to recreate the outfit/lighting for this next one.  I blogged all month about my red arms and my theory on it being a result of a casein (protein in milk) sensitivity.  I was not successful in totally eliminating all dairy, but I did reduce it by about 90%.  One day my arms would look almost clear, another day they would be red again.  If nothing else, I like to at least say I look a tad bit thinner on the right.

Day 1-ish on the left, day 23-ish on the right.

Arm before and after

I will be posting my traditional “10 things I learned…” post on Thursday and will be quickly preparing for May’s goal (hand writing a letter to someone each day).

Thanks to everyone who has been encouraging me along the way!  And yes, I have a pizza lunch planned for Friday (May 1).