Throwing Some Kicks in With Those Punches

This is the longest I’ve gone between blog posts, ugh.  I guess I can write about this in my month-end recap, but sometimes pride gets in the way and I hate the fact that I haven’t been able to keep up with posting this month after successfully posting every few days for all of 2015.  But, work has been busy in a way that I’ve just had to put my attention there more than normal – and this goal isn’t one I’ve been able to do literally every single day so it seemed anticlimactic.

Anyway, here’s boxing life…

Feb 9 – Feb 14:  Thanks to work and all things adult responsibility related, I didn’t put on the ole gloves these days.  I ate some chocolate Valentine’s day candy in there too.

Feb 15:  Monday at 7:30pm seems to be my night for boxing.  I knew I had to go because, well, this blog, and I am a paying member now…but I can’t say that 7:30pm when it’s absolutely freezing and you’re exhausted is very appealing.  I stayed late at work since I don’t have time to drive home first with traffic and all, but I wasn’t prepared with dinner in between there.  So I made the brilliant decision to stop at Bob Evans and eat dinner before boxing.  In theory, okay.  In reality, eating a baked potato a mere 25 minutes before sprinting laps and doing burpee related moves wasn’t my best idea this month.  I made it through and sweat a ton so all-in-all it was alright, but I got to look at cartoon potatoes in workout clothes thanks to a little google search Chris couldn’t stop himself from doing while I told him about class.

Feb 16:  Boxing is one thing….kickboxing is another.  I decided I was going to have to branch out and give kickboxing a try if I was going to be somewhat consistent with going to Title Boxing.  They offer boxing one day and kickboxing on the opposite (at least at the times I can go).  I’ve done kickboxing at Urban Active before, but it was in an aerobics room with no bags and no gloves and was choreographed to Madonna remix songs.  So, I guess technically I hadn’t done kickboxing.  I arrived around 7pm so the instructor could show me and the 6 other “new” girls the kickboxing moves (sidenote – it was tonight that I realized most members….at least most members who show up for 7:30pm classes….are girls.  Skinny girls.  Skinny girls who were probably in sororities.  Skinny girls who probably work in a marketing department somewhere and take selfies with their coffees on Saturday and Sunday mornings).  So me and the Delta Zeta crew learned our kicks and punches and class got rollin’.

It’s the same basic format as boxing…15 minute warm up where you think you’re dying, 30-ish minutes on the bags, and then 15 minutes of abs.  I realized tonight that 1) the time on the bags are broken down into 8 (3 minute) rounds.  2) I do better when I’m on a bag where I can’t see the clock.

The one thing I didn’t like about kickboxing was the tingling sensation I would get when I would knee or kick the bag.  I don’t know if it’s because I was cold, or I have some nerve damaged somewhere, or what….but hitting my shin on the bag would send this tingle up my body that made me feel like the house mom to the Delta Zeta crew vs. one of their own.

I kept up well and by the time we did a 60 second burn out of hooks on the last round I got this crazy sensation of energy and felt like I was actually taking out aggression or kicking someones a$$ (as noted in my previous blog, you’re so exhausted and sweaty and miserable at points….there’s really no time or mental capacity to channel certain situations and anger and think about them while you’re punching).  But in this moment, I felt strong.

I love the abs part of the workout.  I also love how you couldn’t pay me money to get on that floor when I walk in, and by the end I’m rolling all around on it while sweaty when we flip back and forth from ab to back exercises.

Feb 17:   My left shoulder hurts.  It’s safe to say my body hurts, but my ole left shoulder gymnastics injury that will never really go away came creeping back in today.  I knew when he showed us how to hit the bag with our forearm/elbow area it would be bad news bears for my shoulder.

Feb 18 – Feb 19:  My poor shoulder still hurts.  I know I can’t go back to boxing until it feels better.

Feb 19:  Shoulder feeling better and I decide Feb 22 will be the next time I box again.

Feb 20:  I weigh myself after some bad food choices dating back to Valentine’s day and sprinkled throughout the week and am more than pleased to see I’ve maintained my 6lb weight loss from last month.  I blame it on the massive amount of calories you burn through boxing that must’ve offsite some bread intake here or there.  My goal next month is to prepare for a fitness photo shoot, so that was enough to re-energize me to eat healthy until then and I even made dinner for myself at home….on a Saturday….and it included broccoli.

Feb 21:  I have to offset all this punching with a little zen.  It’s yoga today but back on the bags tomorrow.