Tilt Your Head, A Little More, A Little More, Okay Just a Little More

Well, I survived the fitness photo shoot <<flips hair, blows kiss>>

As mentioned in my last post, I was not the main event at the photo shoot last weekend.  7 other friends/co-workers joined me after 8 weeks of setting fitness related goals.  We all had a 25 minute slot with the first person kicking off at 10 a.m. and friends coming and going every 30 minutes.  I went last so we could make sure everyone stayed on time, and somehow I made that translate into spraying my hair with hairspray every 45 minutes for 4 hours just to make sure my hair held as tight as it did at my senior prom.

Some ladies wore business attire to get a refreshed corporate headshot, some wore casual clothes and looked so pretty with their lipstick and statement necklaces, and some wore fitness clothes after getting into tip top shape.  Every woman had 2 different outfits and it seemed like everyone left happy.

I wrote before that our photographer took the photos hanging in the Columbus LuLu Lemon stores.  She has a real name, which is Kimberly.  She was awesome and a fellow OU alum (go Bobcats! <<toe touch>>).  She played music and made all of us feel comfortable even when we were leaning awkwardly against brick walls or the arm of a couch or were in a pose we could swear looked cute when we practiced it at home.  She has the coolest/cutest studio in Grandview and she was so flexible with whatever we wanted to do.  If you ever need photos done and you’re in the Columbus area, I’d highly recommend!  I’m currently thinking of more excuses to have her do pics and I haven’t even seen the finished product of these yet!  http://www.kimberlypotterf.com/

Flashback to before the photo shoot….

After a trip to Easton to try on every colorful workout tank they had to offer and circling GAP enough times for them to think I was casing the joint…I didn’t end up buying anything new for the photo shoot.  Womp Womp.  I had envisioned strutting into each store about 15lbs lighter than I started and my only real worry being that everything looked too good that I couldn’t decide what to buy (you know I live my life in extremes), but, none of that happened.  I basically pouted around and everything was unflattering….so….I went home and did what any reasonable woman would do…I text my friends to tell them I looked horrible and felt horrible and wasn’t even excited anymore.  You know, mature stuff like that.  Then, I tried on nearly every outfit in my closet and kept asking Chris how I looked while telling him he has to like turquoise better than royal blue because my royal blue shirt is dirty and I normally have it dry cleaned and have no idea how to wash it.

Friends said not to wear all black, so, naturally, I wore all black.  For my fitness photos I wore black yoga pants, a black tank, and a black jacket (only wore the jacket in some).  The jacket did have some purple in it if that counts.  For my other outfit, I wore black dress pants that were like pencil pants or skinny pants of sorts, a turquoise shirt, and my black Christian Louboutin’s….cause….that was my consolation for not feeling all that fit in my fit photos.  I was all ‘if I’m blamin’ work on my lack of workouts lately, imma wear the most ‘spensive shoes in my closet.’  Plus, I always say they’re really more of a standing and posing type of shoe vs. a functional walking around type of shoe.

My sister participated in the shoot too, so I did get some pics with her while in my fitness clothes.  I squeezed in some handstand pics too, of course.

So as all my friends and my sister left for the day and I was the last one with Kimberly the photographer, I sat on a chair in my semi-dressy clothes and my red bottom shoes with my legs crossed to the side and my arm up on the back of the chair.  Kimberly said “you look very executive” as she took the final shots.  That pretty much made my day and made the whole thing worth it.  All of it.  All the work hours.  All the long days.  All the coordinating of everything.  All of the classes I took to complete my MBA which is what earned me those shoes.  All the struggles I had with putting more energy into work than into the gym.  At that point, that statement (and hopefully that pic) captured the real me.  Yeah….I like to workout.  And yeah….I have been in a gym since I was 4 years old.  And yeah…I started a fitness group and made 7 other people get fitness pics.  And yeah….I did lose some weight for these photos.  But, there’s way more to me than that – and for those 5 seconds – I felt like she saw that through her lens.

Now….we just wait for the photos….

Here’s some behind the scenes shots.

Outdoor shots

outside pose

Some yogi-like pics

yoga pose

In between shoots with my bestie, Jen

jen and brooke

My sis & me

sydney and brooke