To Serve

Jan 19:  Well, I guess it’s a little easier to stick with your packed lunch on a day you have a meeting straight through lunch.  I declined the catered food option and didn’t look back or dwell on it.  If you’ve read all my blog entries this month and have thought ‘wow, she has a lot of meetings through lunch and receives a lot of free food at work’, you would be correct.

*organic chocolate protein shake

*organic strawberry greek yogurt

*shredded chicken + pico de gallo + low fat sour cream.  Low fat sour cream purchased at a grocery store is gross.  Just gross.  I mean, I keep eating it, but yuck.

*afternoon snack that escapes me.  I believe I had a quest bar.

*whole wheat pasta + shredded chicken + marinara

I also forget what I did for a workout today because I waited too long to type this entry.

Jan 20:  I packed my lunch in my new containers that are oh-so-cool, but was asked to lunch by a work friend and took that option instead, bumping my lunch meal to my dinner meal.  It all worked out.

*organic chocolate protein shake

*mixed berry applesauce cup

*(The Elevator Restaurant) – chicken and rice soup + hummus + vegetables + I might have had like 3 pieces of the multigrain bread that comes out before.  I just can’t even help myself with that.  I love it.  I want to eat more of it right now as I type this.  I normally wouldn’t get soup too, but I was starving and it was cold and I wanted that soup asap.



*organic fig and date greek yogurt (gross. fig and date….sick)

*organic oat and raisin bar (kid sized)

*spinach feta turkey burger + broccoli + whole wheat pasta + marinara

Here’s a pic of the meals I prepared.  Dinner today was the top one.


I lifted legs and did the stairmaster for 15 minutes

Jan 21:  Thursday food goes….

*organic oat and raisin bar (kid size)

*mixed berry applesauce cup

*(work cafeteria) – turkey burger on wheat bun.  I had lunch plans that were rescheduled so I had to hit the cafeteria and fortunately they have a turkey burger option.  Though I may have text a few friends with something to the nature of “I just about paid my entire Christmas money for some fried chicken and macaroni and cheese they’re serving in the cafeteria today.”

I did bad about recording the rest of my food in MyFitnessPal app so the rest escapes me.  Sorry.  It was healthy, I promise.

I knew my work schedule was packed and I had to run errands after work, so I did a 10 minute ab video + 5 minute yoga video in the morning.  It was all I could give today in the workout world.

Jan 22:  Chris told me I look skinnier today.  Yes!

*organic oat and raisin bar (kid size)

I missed my mid-morning snack due to an impromptu meeting

*spinach feta turkey burger + broccoli + brown rice

*organic strawberry greek yogurt

*ancient oat granola-type of cereal + almond milk (I just can’t even with a real dinner on Fridays if I’m not going out to eat)

I did a 30 minute Jillian Michaels ab videos while in pajamas by 7pm too.  I lead a crazy life.

Jan 23:  Unfortunately, Chris’ great aunt passed away last week so we were headed back to Dayton to celebrate her life at her funeral service.  Rather than document my food choices today, because none of that really matters on days like this, I’ll just leave you with this…

After the viewing and funeral service at the cemetery, there was a lunch back at the church.  I’ve always heard of people gathering after a funeral for food and fellowship, and have even participated in a lunch after a funeral in Kentucky after an extended family member passed away (I was probably 12 or 13 years old?).  I didn’t think much about it at that time other than I wondered how the close family felt about having to host so many people during a hard time.  But the lunch today was held at the church and while I did share conversation with Chris’ great aunt on Thanksgiving for about an hour about her life stories and adventures, I can’t say we were very close just based on location (she lived in Pennsylvania) and the number of times we had ever seen each other during the time Chris and I have been married.  But, when we walked in the church, it smelled so good.  In a comforting good smelling sort of way.  In a comforting home cooking sort of way.  When we turned the corner there was a whole buffet set up.  There was food, desserts, coffee, etc and people from the church cleaning up, moving chairs where needed, etc.  I just kept thinking ‘where did this food come from?  who made this?  this is the first time I feel like I’m being served by others through food.‘  I told Chris, that while we’ve all certainly been served food….through dinners out and food-related activities you pay for, I was pretty overwhelmed that people we didn’t even know had prepared all this food for us.  I realize that those individuals cooking likely did know members of the family and they were all obviously members of the church, but as someone who is married into the family and didn’t have the opportunity to have a real close relationship with the person who passed away, I know I felt very thankful for those who were servants and could only imagine how the rest of the family felt.  The pastor told everyone they could stay as long as they wanted.  It opened my eyes to being a servant in a different kind of way.  A testimony to the type of servant Chris’ great aunt was during her life too.  The food on the plate didn’t matter, the heart of those who were serving us did.

On another yet similar note, the pastor shared a phrase that Chris’ great aunt, Virginia Ann, used to say before she passed which was “never love something that can’t love you back.”  I wrote that down in my 5 year journal.  Be it a love for unhealthy foods, a love of material items, etc…I thought that was worth sharing.

I could make this post a lot longer.  I have a lot of thoughts to share here.

Jan 24:  I decided to only weigh myself on Jan 1 and then again the last week of the month to give you an update on my progress  (as if you’re all waiting with bated breath).  I couldn’t wait any longer and decided to pull the trigger today.

Wait for it…..

Wait for it….

Jan 1 = 150.5lbs

Jan 24 = 144.5lbs

<<fist bump>>

I was pleased!  I’ve lost 6lbs and my overall goal is to lose 15 by my birthday (March 25…as if you didn’t have it already marked on your calendars).

Today, food went down like…

*organic apple sauce cup on my way out the door to Whole Foods

*(Whole Foods) green goddess smoothie

*organic fruit strip thing that’s like a fruit roll-up

*(Northstar) – granola + ricotta pancake.  Now, I’ve been avoiding the pancake all month.  But, I was getting cocky about my progress knowing I was down 6lbs, plus my breakfast hadn’t been anything substantial really more than green juice and those 2 small snacks.  The pancake made me so happy I literally smiled when they set it in front of me.  It was worth it.


*trail mix (full disclosure, it has little pieces of chocolate in it)

I’m typing this before dinner, so TBD on my last meal of the day.

I did yoga today too.