To Show the Midriff or Not to Show the Midriff

If you’re just reading our blog for the first time, welcome!  Angela and I try a new goal every month – we share all our feelings and highs and lows (and the occasional selfie) about the situation and end up learning more than we expect each month.

My goal this month is “preparing for a fitness photo shoot.”

When we were planning our goals for 2016, I strategically kept the first quarter of the year focused on health related goals.  A little cliche and not all that edgy, but I needed to reel it in a bit from whatever type of carb consumption world record I was clearly shooting for in the winter.  So, I “ate like a fitness competitor” in January and I “learned to box” in February, so, I should look like an amazing fitness model by now and should plan a photo shoot, right?  Or something.

For 14 months I have blogged in a format where I give my loyal readers (hey, mom!) a day-by-day recap of the monthly goal.  This month, I won’t be doing that.  I’ll give you the general scoop and go back to day-by-day in April (spoiler alert:  April is doing one thing per day that I’ve been procrastinating.  It all centers around finally getting my passport updated with my married name, you know, since we’ve been married for 7.5 years now).

Anyway, here’s a bullet point list (in case you’re a skimmer like me) of what has gone down for this goal…

*Since Jan 1 I’ve had a private Facebook page with about 15 other women (my friends, coworkers, etc) where we’ve all been health-focused.  Everyone has different goals but we all post on the page about what we’re up to as far as workouts go.  My friend, Katie, posts a weekly challenge for us every weekend.  I set the page up with intentions of everyone focusing on getting healthier for 12 weeks, and somewhere near the end of that 12 weeks we’d do a photo shoot where everyone could get some individual pics taken once they felt fab.

*There is a real photo shoot day on the books!  And, 9 of us from the group are participating!  This coming Sunday we’ll be working our best poses and wearing too much lipstick.

*Our photographer is the woman behind the pics at the Polaris and Easton LuLu Lemon stores.  I mean….perfect, right?!

*Due to working too much (I know, that phrase is like on repeat on my blog posts this year…it’s a busy time at the ole Nationwide headquarters these days!) I’m pretty sure I have to ditch my dream of posing in some sort of sports bra top in a very “look at my abs, I accidentally look amazing” pose.  You know, the one where I just accidentally have my perfect beachy waved hair fanning out on the sides and I’m looking offset at a friend and laughing while my abs form a super chiseled look, effortlessly of course.  The accidental perfect shot.  The picture that people say is so great and all I can do is shrug and go “I don’t know, I mean, do you think I really should use that as my Facebook profile pic?” and then blast post on all social media channels on repeat.  The picture that I look back on in 10 years and say “wow, look how great of shape I was in.”  The picture that my husband shows all his friends and says “look how great Brooke looks, she is amazing and perfect and beautiful and look at her abs.”  Oh….dreams….they’re fun.  Anyway, I am going with my back up plan of one workout outfit (sans a midriff reveal) and one casual outfit so I have some nice “normal” pics.  Work you guys…..I blame it on work. 

*I have yet to find the perfect outfit(s) and am placing all of the pressure regarding fashion on the small window of time I will have to shop on Friday night.

*Because I heard a photographer friend say once that you shouldn’t wait for just special events or when you look perfect to do photos, I am proceeding with the photo shoot despite a couple (or twenty) slip ups on the ole diet and the people at my gym forgetting I even have a membership.

*I just really want all of the women participating in the photo shoot to have some pictures where they feel happy and healthy.  A picture that’s not a selfie or some blurry old photo.  I just want everyone to feel beautiful.

*Throwback Thursday to November’s goal, I’m on the last leg of writing my book.  The end is in sight.  <<comment inserted as another excuse to why I’m not sporting a 6 pack for this photo shoot>>