Week 3, Part 1

As luck would have it, all of my performances this month fall on Saturday, April 18th so this week in particular is crunch time. Joe and I have Springfield Symphony rehearsal every night this week in preparation for Saturday’s performance of Mahler’s Symphony No. 2. Here’s a look at what’s been going on and what’s coming up in┬áthe weeks ahead.


April 8th: I took a flute lesson with Randy Hester, Principal Flutist of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra. During the three hour lesson we worked on several excerpts we think will be included in the preliminary audition round. It was such a great lesson and luckily I remembered to record it so I’ve been listening to the recording to recall all of the little details we discussed. His bio is below if you would like to learn more about Randy.


April 18th: Divertimento Flute Quartet and the MTMS Advanced Flute Choir are performing at the Central Ohio Flute Association’s annual Flute Festival (COFA) at OSU on Saturday morning. That evening Joe and I will be performing Mahler’s Symphony No. 2 with the Springfield Symphony Orchestra. Check out the link below to hear from Maestro, Peter Stafford Wilson about this Saturday’s performance! We hope to see you there!


April 23rd: I have a flute lesson with Randy Bowman, Principal Flutist of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. His bio is below. I’ve been working really hard in preparation for this lesson. I’m hoping I was able to get my jitters out during my lesson with Randy Hester so I have more control during this lesson.


May 4th: Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Preliminary Audition

May 11th: Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Semifinal and Final Audition Rounds


I hope you are enjoying the DailyQuotes. I’ve been looking them up first thing in the morning and it really helps to start the day off with one of these positive thoughts!