Week 3, Scene 1

Monday, February 16th: Today’s musical treat was Franz Joseph Haydn’s, Trio in G Major, Hob. XV, No. 15. Joe and I have actually played the middle movement before for a church service, but not the first and second. Haydn was commissioned to write these three trios (Hob. XV, No. 15, 16 & 17) in London in 1791. It is unknown why Haydn chose to write these three trios for flute instead of violin, but it is possible that he was trying to appeal to English aristocratic taste. Some of you might be wondering what “Hob” stands for. Anthony van Hoboken, a collector and musicologist, created the Hoboken-Verzeichnis or “Hoboken Catalog,” which is a catalog of Haydn’s compositions. If you are still scratching your head and wondering what the heck I’m talking about, that means that he organized Haydn’s music by genre and gave these pieces a “Hoboken number” in order to organize the music. It not only keeps music organized for OCD folks like myself, but insures that the musician knows which piece to learn for their performance. If Haydn wrote two trios in G Major, you need to know which one to practice! Catalogs like this exist for other composers as well. Bach’s music is organized by a BWV number (he wrote over one thousand works) and Mozart’s music is organized with a Köchel number (he wrote over six hundred works).

Tuesday, February 17th & Wednesday, February 18th: I will be finishing out the month with Jacques Casterede (1926-2014), Twelve Studies for Flute. Today I begin with Etude 1 from this collection. Etude is just a fancy word for “study piece” or teaching material, and I learned of these etudes as a student at UNL when my lesson buddy was working on them in her lessons. I’ve always wanted to learn them but never got around to it in college. If not now then when, right? Casterede was a French composer and pianist who studied at the Paris Conservatory with Olivier Messiaen. I remember them to be extremely difficult due to rhythm and meter, but the first etude wasn’t so bad! On Wednesday I played the second etude and it wasn’t that bad either. I guess all of the sight-reading this month has really paid off!