What the pho?

Feb 23….Looks like I’m averaging 1 lost blog entry per month.  I wrote this once and thanks to my attempts at inserting a photo on my iPad, this day got erased.  Just watch this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKL4lBlmeXE)  because that’s what I did on day 23 and that’s all that matters.

Feb 24…Work day and an hour and a half Zumba class.  I’m normally pretty exhausted after that and spend a fair amount of my drive home this month thinking ‘ugh, coding, why?!’  I decide to procrastinate further by actually doing some leisure reading, which I never do (I’m convinced it’s a waste of time, especially fiction, even though I know it’s not and my BFF since 1st grade would throw something (like her library card) at me for saying that).  Chris gave me Amy Poehler’s biography for Valentine’s Day, so I read some of that and then watched some coding videos on youtube.  It’s all a repeat of basics at this point. Bore/I’m not learning anything new.

Feb 25….Repeat of Tuesday minus Zumba, plus a pedicure.  I decided in my last ditch effort to take away some solid lessons this month, I google “things to know about php” on my phone.  The only problem with google on my phone is…at some point in the search field I can’t read the end of my words because the screen doesn’t move with me.  So while I thought I typed in “things to know about php” I actually typed in “things to know about pho” which led to much confusion when several google images of noodles popped up in my search results.  I kept thinking ‘php is a common thing, why in the world am I getting pho in my results?’  I only know what pho is in real life because a coworker took me to get some for lunch at North Market once and they recently started serving it in our cafeteria on occasion (though I heard it was now discontinued).  After I realized I actually asked google to tell me about Vietnamese noodles, I corrected the spelling error and read over a list of “awesome things most people don’t know about PHP” which served as a reversal of all the things I learned in my codecademy lessons.  It was a list of ways to break the rules, for example, times you don’t have to use the closing tag ?>.  I didn’t invest a lot of time in memorizing these “awesome things” since I’m barely aware of the rules – I figured it would be too confusing to learn when to break the rules.  Plus, I obviously can’t even type my search in google correctly and this is day 25.


Feb 26…I miscounted the days and falsely said “I only have 1 more day of coding” followed by a slightly less enthusiastic tone of “nevermind, I looked at the calendar wrong, I have 2 days left after this.”  A coworker showed me the HTML behind what we were working on today and asked if that counted as my coding time.  I think she’s onto something.  I am heading to bed in about an hour to do another codecademy app lesson and brainstorm for my final blog on Saturday – which will follow suit from last month’s blog with 10 things I’ve learned from this month’s goal.  Stay tuned!